27th June 2010

Judicare at A Place in the Sun expo in Birmingham, plus Tenerife & Moscow

When the 3rd Annual  REAL ESTATE OPPORTUNITIES FAIR was announced for 25th-27th June 2010 in Santa Cruz, Tenerife, JUDICARE learned that no other law firm had ever taken part in the event, and determined to lead the way.

With the attendance of thousands of potential investors at the Fair, JUDICARE GROUP was able to consult with those looking to purchase, as well as those with problematic investments already, providing free case assessments to all attendees who needed them.

Professionals, investors and administrators from the territory's government were most appreciative of the support we provided and the preventative advice we were able to disseminate.

By participating in this Fair we have a guaranteed place to participate also in two prominent International Fairs to be held in October and November:

  • A Place in the Sun, 1st-3rd October 2010, to be held in Birmingham. The second most important Real Estate Fair in the UK, this Fair attracts a profile of potential customers with a high purchasing power; it is estimated that 44.6 % of the previous Fair’s visitors, bought properties in the next 6 months. For Judicare Group, to be present there will be a great opportunity to get our messages out. www.aplaceinthesun.com
  • In the current economic situation, Russian investors are particularly important for the property market, and Spain is a preferred destination with 75,000 people looking to buy properties in that country alone. The Property Worldwide Show, 19th-21st November 2010, in Moscow, is the largest and most significant Fair of the housing market in the territory of the former Soviet Union. More than 400 Real Estates Agencies will be present from countries like Cyprus, Tunisia, Egypt and others.  www.vindexexpo.com

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