23rd May 2010

Judicare Sports Ambassador role for West Brom's Michael Appleton

MICHAEL APPLETON, the First Team Coach at West Bromwich Albion, has embraced a role of Judicare Ambassador to relate to young footballers and coaches throughout the Game the cautionary tale of his overseas property investment experiences.

After his career was prematurely ended, Michael paid over substantial deposits in a variety of developments for properties in Spain and the Dominican Republic that subsequently ran into difficulties.

Michael is on a mission. “There are players - and coaches – up and down the land in the situation I was in” he explains, “hoping for the best, or just so embarrassed that they aren’t addressing the problem.” Michael however is addressing his; he now has a formidable team of international lawyers fighting his corner, after being introduced to Neil Heaney, an ex-pro and co-founder of property investment recovery specialists Judicare Group.

For Michael, Judicare’s fee structure made it simple; “ There’s a free initial case assessment which gave us confidence - it meant we could all get the measure of the situation without any costs being incurred. After that there’s a low start fee structure, with the bulk of the costs of legal action only payable on successful recovery and usually recovered from the other party.”

“If I’d got the experts involved sooner, it would have really helped my situation. So while one message is about preventative advice, the other is about taking action before deadlines expire and getting your money back becomes more difficult.”

Michael has two aims for his Ambassador role: arming would-be investors with suitable caution and advice, and persuading those already experiencing problems to get expert independent help as early as possible.

As well as more formal organised sessions, Michael has offered an open door to anyone who wishes to seek advice on a one to one, and can be contacted through the usual channels.

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