29th September 2011

Judicare arrive in Madrid

As the Judicare Group continues to grow and strengthen its position as the single point of reference for global property investment recovery, the natural progression was to have a presence in the Spanish capital of Madrid.

Cuatro Torres Business Area (CTBA) (Spanish for Four Towers Business Area) is a business district located in the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid, on the former Ciudad Deportiva of Real Madrid.

The area contains the tallest skyscrapers in Madrid and Spain (Torre Espacio, Torre de Cristal, Torre Sacyr Vallehermoso and Torre Caja Madrid). The construction of the buildings finished in 2008 and the complex was formerly known as Madrid Arena.

Judicare will reside in El Torre de Cristal (Spanish for Crystal Tower).

With a height of 249.5 meters, it ranks as the second tallest building in the country after Torre Caja Madrid.

Judicare Group’s Legal Director David Fernandez comments “we are of course thrilled to now have a foothold in Madrid and in such a prestigious location. This can only be a positive step for Judicare and one which demonstrates our long term commitment to growth; I believe it also shows our ability to recognize commercially where we need to be and that is in the heart of the capital”

With this new office Judicare will look to expand their range of legal activities within Spain to cover all areas of practice in addition to the core business at present of property investment recovery.

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