11th October 2011

Judicare proud to be an exhibitor at this year’s conference

As an ex professional footballer, Judicare’s CEO Neil Heaney is all to aware of the impact and stresses that potentially losing substantial monies in overseas property investments can bring both physically and psychologically upon the performances of  athletes and professional sportspeople in general.

Taking the field or arena with the mental pressure of, in some instances, vast amounts of monies potentially at risk abroad can at times prove to be a drain upon the concentration levels; and this is certainly something that has been highlighted by the ever growing numbers of current and ex pro’s who are instructing Judicare to examine the circumstances of their overseas investments.

With the Professional Players Federation national conference now less than two weeks away we wanted to bring into focus two of the topical and key issues that will be debated at this year's event.

Led by a keynote speech from media law specialist Hugh Tomlinson QC, the Privacy and social media session at 11.30am will focus on sportspeople's right to privacy and the balance between the public interest and what is of interest to the public.

Hugh will then join a panel which will include Angus Porter (CEO of the PCA), Matthew Syed (the Times) and Matthew Himsworth (Senior Associate at Schillings) on the use of Twitter and social media– hugely relevant with so many of today's athletes engaging in this method of communicating with the public.

Another eagerly anticipated session is Betting in Sport which will begin with an address from the FIFA head of security Chris Eaton. Chris will draw upon his experiences at FIFA and Interpol on how match fixers are operating and the dangers for all professional sports. This session is extremely current and pertinent today with the Pakistan cricketing spot fixing trial currently ongoing.

Former ECB CEO and current Chair of the Sports Betting Group Tim Lamb will then join Chris, Mike O’Kane from Ladbrokes and Brendan Batson from the PPF on the panel which is set to provide a unique insight into the issue and the need for sport to take positive steps to protect its integrity.

The conference is a great opportunity to understand the views and issues affecting the people that drive the success of sport – the players.

For more information on the conference and the exhibitors at this years event please follow the link below.


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