11th October 2011

Judicare partner with Currency Index

Foreign exchange is the largest market in the world with an average daily turnover of nearly $4 trillion, dwarfing the share and bond markets. There is no central exchange and the market trades 24 hours a day from Monday morning (New Zealand time) until Friday evening (US time). The rate changes virtually every second and currency direction is very hard to predict. This means the price of the property you are buying, or the amount you receive by way of reparations, will change continually. The recent recession has magnified these movements and the value of one currency against another regularly shifts in the region of one to two percent a day. This can radically impact the amount you pay for your property or the size of your pay-out in pounds sterling.

Judicare CEO Neil Heaney says that it's not untypical for suitable currency advice to reduce the real cost for investors by as much as several percentage points: "Whilst the rate may move in your favour, it is just as likely to move against you. Managing foreign exchange risk effectively is crucial and can result in substantial savings. The main High Street Banks don't tend to cater well for private individuals wishing to manage their exposure - we're delighted to partner with a leading specialist who can offer bespoke advice to our clients"

The two companies share many of the same goals about business ethics and empowering the individual with the best advice to make the right calls with their money.

Robin Haynes, Managing Director of Currency Index commented “we are delighted to be assisting Judicare and their clients, to ensure that the international nature of their daily business does not adversely affect either the company or their clients. By streamlining payment processes and offering bank-beating exchange rates, Currency Index will increase the financial efficiency of Judicare’s work, which can only be of benefit to their clients.”

For more information on the partnership please follow the link below;


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