13th December 2011

Judicare provide an early Christmas present

Judicare continue to provide redress for clients who are encountering problems with their overseas investments.

In most cases reviewed by Judicare, it is the uncertainty of the legal procedures in foreign destinations that causes the greatest concerns to UK clients and how they then address any potential issues without the stress and worry of selecting specialist legal representation who can offer tailored advice.

Whether this is in Dubai, Cape Verde, Bulgaria or Cyprus or in the more exotic destinations such as The Turks & Caicos Islands or the Dominican Republic; all countries were Judicare are currently addressing problems.

In the particular case of the clients below their concerns centred upon Southern Spain and the region of Murcia.

The clients had contacted Judicare when they suspected their purchase may be encountering problems and requisite permissions seemed suspiciously lacking.

After some early specialised investigative work was undertaken on their behalf, Judicare ascertained the licenses were indeed lapsed and a potential claim was lodged for the reimbursement of the already advanced deposits.

Mr. Woodcock explains;

“In early 2007 my wife and I put down a sizeable deposit to reserve a two bedroom apartment on a new golf and country club development in Murcia, Spain that was due to be completed in late 2008.  Following the downturn in the Spanish property market and numerous delays by the developer we became concerned about their intent and ability to complete the development and decided to engage the services of Judicare to retrieve our deposit monies.

Judicare worked swiftly and efficiently on our case and quickly discovered that planning consent on our apartment had lapsed and also that the developer was considering going into voluntary liquidation.  Judicare submitted our case to the courts for the retrieval of our money and quickly received an offer from the developer for an out of court settlement.  Having negotiated a significant increase in the offer from the developer Judicare were successful retrieving the majority of the money we had invested and we were delighted with outcome set against the current difficult economic conditions.

At all times Judicare kept us informed, provided considered and sensible advice and we would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.”

Mr. & Mrs. Woodcock December 2011.

Judicare’s CEO Neil Heaney commented “increasingly we are seeing clients being poorly advised of their legal positions in foreign destinations, leading to stressful situations being amplified by confusing and contradictory advice. Our approach is to carefully review each case prior to formal instructions to determine the facts of each case and to provide some initial guidance from legal counsel in those jurisdictions as territorial competence is very important when assessing how and where any case will be fought”

Heaney added “We continue to take a very individual approach in this respect and to provide the fullest picture which affords the client the most informed position before taking the next steps in any legal challenge”

For more information on the services Judicare currently provide please contact one of the team on 01438 841293 or admin@judicaregroup.com

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