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buying a property in Portugal

Buying Property in Portugal


Portugal has been, for decades, a very popular destination for tourists and many thousands of people have bought properties or started a business there. As such for many years people have required legal advice in relation to Portugal, whether to assist in the purchase of a property, setting up a business, an inheritance, an accident, debt recovery or even assisting recover money from a failed property investment. There has also recently been interest in the Golden Visa scheme which allows people from outside the EU to get a visa to live in Portugal if they buy property there.

Buying in Portugal is a relatively straight forward process however, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t problems which can occur. It is still vital that you do your homework as to the acquisition process and have a clear understanding of the steps to follow.

Even though there have been large numbers of people either doing business with Portugal or buying property it is always advisable to take independent legal advice to help you. Similarly each situation is individual and therefore requires individual advice.

Portuguese Law is, like France, Spain and Italy based on a series of Codes. In fact the Portuguese legal system is very similar in many respects to the legal system in those countries in that many of the basic principles are similar – although obviously the detail of the law is different.

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