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buying a property in Spain

Buying property Spain


For decades Spain has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and has a long history of people wanting to buy property, start a business or retire there. As such there are many thousands of people who have interacted with the Spanish legal system in one way or another, either through a property purchase, traffic infractions, an inheritance, debt recovery, failed property investments, running a business and the like.

Dealing with Spain is a well-trodden path for thousands of people but there are still often issues that need to be addressed and problems that need to be resolved. In particular where the two legal systems, which are very different, interact with each other. Most of these issues can be avoided or at least the risk minimised but it is vital that you do things properly and take independent legal advice in order to do so.

The Spanish legal system is very different from that in the UK. Spanish law is codified and as such a series of Codes (Civil Code, Criminal Code, etc.) sets out the law. From a legal point of view it is also important to remember that the law and tax rates can vary between the different Autonomous Regions within Spain although most follow very similar principals, particularly on the mainland.

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