Buying property Turkey


Turkey has over recent years increased in popularity as a tourist destination and is now the 6th most visited country by international tourists and the 4th most visited country by international tourists in Europe with nearly 40 million tourists visiting in 2014. As the numbers of visitors has increased over the years so have the number of foreigners wanting to buy property in Turkey.

We have now had many years of foreigners buying in Turkey but the process is still not as well trodden as some other countries and therefore the process can have some issues which need to be resolved during the purchase procedure. This is particularly the case when different legal systems come together as Turkish law can be very different from, for example, British law.

The Turkish legal system has naturally evolved over time and has actually taken into consideration elements of European legal jurisdictions including Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy.  However, the process of buying a property in Turkey remains very different to that in the UK - even though the basics (searches, contracts, completion, title deeds, land registry) are the same, the actual mechanics of each of these stages is very different.

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