Buying Property in Brazil


The market in Brazil for Europeans has expanded dramatically over the last few years and there has been a sudden influx of investors wanting to buy property there. This increase has been fuelled by the World Cup and the Olympics and the requirement for more houses to be built to cope with the local demand for cheap social housing under the Mina Casa Mina Vida housing programme.

To date most interaction with Brazil has been in relation to property investment as few people are buying property for their own personal use, either as a holiday home or to live there due to the distance. Similarly few people from Europe have thought about starting a business over in Brazil. As the market in Brazil has only recently started there has been very few inheritances of assets by European people.

The Brazilian legal system is roughly based on Portuguese Law and although there are similarities in respect to the basic principles obviously the two legal systems are very different in terms of the actual detail of the law.
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