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buying a property in Italy

Buying property in Italy


Italy, along with Spain, France and Portugal, has long been one of the most popular destinations for people to buy a holiday home and this has been happening for many thousands of people over many years. This means that there has been many years of people buying a property for an investment, holiday home or retirement and as a consequence there has been many people who have had to deal with an inheritance in Italy, have started a business in Italy or have had to try and recover money from a failed property investment in Italy.

Often there is a big difference between what should legally happen in Italy and what actually happens. Your legal advisor needs to be able to explain to you what you should be doing and also the impact of any local customs.

Italian law is very similar to French, Spanish or Portuguese law in that it is based on Napoleonic Code system. As such many of the basic principles are similar to those countries but obviously the exact details of the law can be very different.

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