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buying a property in Morocco

Buying Property Morocco


Doing anything in Morocco should be an exciting venture for those who want to branch away from the more common destinations of Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and so on. Because there has been less people buy in Morocco or start a business than the more popular destinations the process is less well tested and therefore it is vital that you get independent legal advice from a lawyer who understands the legal system in Morocco, how it works and how it affects the foreign investor.

Most business in Morocco is conducted in Arabic or French and therefore you need somebody who is going to explain what the documents mean in terms that you understand. Equally important is the fact that business practices and attitudes can be very different in Morocco to that which you are used to back home and this in itself can cause significant issues unless you have somebody to help you through the process.

The Moroccan Legal System is loosely based on the French Legal System but has obviously developed considerably over the years and therefore even though some of the principals will be recognisable to anybody familiar with the French Legal System the actual law can be considerably different.

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