What our customers say ...

Judicare saved my life as I know it. Before I found them, I was wondering how I was going to tell my wife that one signature I signed in 2004 was quite likely going to cost us everything that we had worked hard to build, repossessed by the Bank of Cyprus.

It has taken Judicare over a year to sort out this life changing problem I created. At every moment Judicare have been professional, never promising something they couldn’t deliver but always supportive, it’s been a slow progress becauseof the banks stance, but always progress at every move. Neil has a calming way about him, very knowledgeable and within a few moments of our first contact I knew he and his firm would be the people to engage to help me sort out the mess I was in. We have now removed the threat to our UK assets from the existing Judgements from the courts in Cyprus against me which were in excess of €880,000 and have been able to draw the matter to a close with a one off payment to the bank of less than 5% of the monies owed.

Judicare you came through for me, thank you for saving my future and my marriage, I can’t thank you enough. If you are reading this as a client in need of help abroad then don’t hesitate, Judicare are the firm you need to use.

Brian Schofield; - August 2017