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Where to buy dream homes and luxury properties - The Benissa Coast, Spain

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Long established as part of Southern Spain that offers great value holiday homes, I have discovered the lesser known areas. For those in the middle and upper markets, desirability often comes in the form of scenery with a sense of peace and quiet. With all of this, yet access to some great restaurants, I looked along The Benissa Coast and found Moraira to be a great fit. Some of the properties for sale were not what you would normally expect, I discovered on a viewing with a local agent…  

Video transcript

Jonnie: Tell me about this area because I'm quite excited to be here.
Jo: Yeah. It's gorgeous. This is, well, Moraira is the main town. We're in a little enclave of Moraira called El Portet. It's a very exclusive area. You're looking average price of the houses around here is about a million and up.

Jonnie: I mean, it's pretty swanky. I'm not sure you can see this, but we are in an instruction at the moment -this is two and a quarter million pounds and it's four bed. And this is quite typical of the properties around here, is it?
Jo: Yeah. In the last few years there's been a massive move toward the Ibiza style villa, which this design is typical of. It's a very Mediterranean design. It flows. The whole thing flows from the kitchen, the living, dining, all open plan straight out onto the outdoor terrace area. You see mediterranean gardens. It's just a fantastic type of property. There's a move away from the old colonial style property.

Jonnie: Now, in this area, the buyers here, it looks like the middle and upper market.
Jo: Yeah, absolutely.

Jonnie: That's still going, then.
Jo: It's really going, yeah. There's never been a dip in that market. I think the biggest area that we have trouble with in this area is sort of from 350 to 750. Once you go over 775, 800 upwards, there's a really good stream of people coming through.

Jonnie: Okay. Now, where are the, I wouldn't say bargains, but where are the deals to be done then? Where's the competition here?
Jo: At the moment, if you want to be in striking distance of here, then the Benissa Coast.

Jonnie: Really?
Jo: Yeah, absolutely. It's perfectly located between Moraira, between Calpe, the two really big draws. Great access to two airports, Valencia and Alicante. 50 minutes one way, an hour the other. You've also got the wine growing regions 10 minutes drive so it's the area where all the older houses, which, you know, 70s, 80s when they were built, they're all being renewed now. People are buying the old houses, knocking them down, and putting these up and that's the best.

Jonnie: So you're thinking that Benissa is the place to have a look at.
Jo: That's the area.

Jonnie: Well Jo, thank you very much. It's been great to see you again today.
Jo: And you.

Jonnie: Thank you for your thoughts. I'm off to put my swimmers on and have a little dip.
Jo: I'm going to be sat there with my champagne.

Jonnie: Ooh, lovely.