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Forced Heirs

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One of the most common misconceptions when people buy property abroad is that they will be forced to leave their assets in that country to certain people and will have to follow the law of that country. It might be helpful to understand a bit of background...

European Wills

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You have bought your property abroad and are now looking forward to using it. You intend to either use it yourself as a holiday home, as a retirement home or you are going to rent it out for some sort of income. It might even be that you intend to move...

Powers of Attorney

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When a legal issue is encountered in a foreign jurisdiction, you will often hear talk of a Power of Attorney. In reality this is nothing to be afraid of. A Power of Attorney is simply a document which grants the ability to somebody else to do something on...

Foreign & Commonwealth Office Legalisation

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Often when dealing with a legal issue abroad it will be necessary to get a document “legalised” for a specific legal purpose. This may sound like a rather complicated legal procedure but is actually quite a simple and easily understood process. ...