Buying Property in France checklist

To help give you confidence that you’re covering all the necessary steps when buying property in France, we have put together the following straightforward checklist of the key things you need to consider.


   To do



   Decide what you are buying, where and why. If necessary, take advice on this and try to limit the area of your search.



   Instruct us as your independent lawyer.



   Look at the cost of buying. Fix a budget (including works). Stick to it.



   Investigate finance and think about how to finance deposit.



   Learn about the process of buying.



   Look at who should own the property.



   View properties / choose a property. Be honest with the  estate agent about what you are looking for – that will save  a lot of time for you and them.



   Consider whether a full survey will be useful.



   Let us guide you as you make the offer.



   Lawyer liaises with the estate agent and Notary and advises you  on whether it is safe to proceed with the initial contract of sale.



   Speak to currency dealer about getting the best rate for  your purchase.



   Arrange Power of Attorney if needed.



   Payment of purchase deposit



   Signature of initial contract of sale



   Application for mortgage loan.



   Lawyer supervises process leading up to final conveyance, liaising with Notary.



   If you are moving to France, arrange removal company



   Arrange second Power of Attorney if needed



   Arrange insurance – contents / buildings



   Signature of the act of sale before the Notary, who deals with     registration of title at the Land registry and payment of stamp duty.



  Review your English will/make a French will.



   Enjoy a well deserved holiday in your new property