Nigel Bennett

Attorney at Law - Barbados

Nigel is a highly experienced Attorney in Barbados.

Nigel’s practice coordinates multi-jurisdictional legal and corporate services for individual and corporate clients in many of the other English speaking Caribbean islands in addition to Barbados.

Nigel advises in four (4) primary areas of law:-

  1. Real estate law - Real estate transactions involving the sale and purchase of land and property as well as related finance and property development matters for companies, financial institutions and individuals.
  2. Corporate law – Corporate & commercial matters which include the incorporation, dissolution and maintenance of companies as well as joint venture and other related matters.
  3. Int'l. Financial services including the incorporation, dissolution and maintenance of IBC’s, exempt insurance and other companies, rendering legal opinions and provision of directorship. Additionally, Nigel provides training to regional financial institutions in the area of corporate governance.
  4. Succession law - Estate and probate matters including applications for probate and administration and resealing of foreign estates in Barbados.