Who are we?

Judicare are a specialist firm of solicitors handling a wide range of international property-based issues throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. As an SRA-regulated firm of solicitors based in England we meet the compliance and Professional indemnity Insurance standards of all UK law firms.

With particular experience and speciality in negotiating the full and final settlement of foreign mortgage debts across Europe, We handle issues for our clients either directly with the foreign Bank or with the vulture fund(s) which acquire non-performing loan portfolios from foreign Banks in Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, and France. We are a leading law firm in this area.

Our work also incorporates cross-border and international property, matrimonial, probate, and disputes work for individuals, to property, employment, corporate, and disputes work for companies.

Where required, we work with trusted lawyers and law firms who are well-known to us, in the jurisdiction in question, so our clients get the very best legal advice. 

Latest Blogs

Are the residency rules changing in Cyprus for Ex Pat retirees?

For UK pensioners who are potentially looking to the island of Cyprus as a destination for their retirement, a degree of caution may now be required. Presently the conditions for UK retirees seeking to relocate to Cyprus mean they have to acquire a property...

Have you received a letter from a third party debt collection agency or "Vulture Fund" regarding your mortgage in Spain?

It is estimated that thousands of purchasers of property in Spain from 2006 onwards are now struggling ever more to service their mortgage debt. The majority of these purchasers may also have taken the unilateral decision to “hand back” their...

SPA's declared null and void for not being registered as per the relevant Law in Dubai

Another landmark ruling by the Dubai Courts nullifying the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) of 30 units, which are not registered with the Dubai Lands Department (DLD) in terms of the Law no. 13 of 2008 i.e., Regulating Initial Property Registration in the...

A Floating Villa Is A Real Estate Property NOT A 'Ship' - Dubai Courts Decision

‍A landmark ruling by Dubai Courts has gone in favour of a Claimant deciding that “floating villas” are indeed real estate properties and not ships in terms of the UAE Maritime Code. The renowned developer's default in completing/handing...

Alpha Bank inform their customers they intend to sell their housing loan in Cyprus to a third-party debt facility

It is estimated that thousands of purchasers of immovable property in Cyprus from 2006 onwards may have been adversely affected by being advised by their Cypriot Bank - in order to fund their purchase in Cyprus - to take a Housing Loan in the Swiss Franc...
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We can assist with legal issues in a wide range of countries including – but not limited to - Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Cape Verde, and United Arab Emirates.