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Why "No Win, No Fee" can be "No Win, Still Pay"

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It may surprise people that even if you have a “No Win No Fee” agreement with your lawyer for litigation you may have to pay legal fees and costs should you lose the case. Although on the face of it this seems to be wrong it is worth exploring...

Force Majeure clauses in property contracts - what are they and when can they be invoked

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If you have bought a property abroad in the last 10 to 15 years in countries such as Cape Verde, Turkey, Morocco, Brazil or the UAE then the likelihood is that the property was still being built when you committed to buy. This is commonly known as buying a...

Powers of Attorney

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When a legal issue is encountered in a foreign jurisdiction, you will often hear talk of a Power of Attorney. In reality this is nothing to be afraid of. A Power of Attorney is simply a document which grants the ability to somebody else to do something on...

Litigation abroad; should you wait for others?

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With the huge growth of social media in recent years, individuals who have legal issues abroad, whether it is problems with a failed development overseas or issues such as Swiss Franc Mortgage problems in Cyprus, are now able to gain access to specifically...

Foreign & Commonwealth Office Legalisation

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Often when dealing with a legal issue abroad it will be necessary to get a document “legalised” for a specific legal purpose. This may sound like a rather complicated legal procedure but is actually quite a simple and easily understood process. ...

Did you invest in an overseas property with Ocean View Properties or Harlequin?

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It appears that the thousands of overseas property investors who found themselves caught up in the scandals of Ocean View Properties and Harlequin may be entitled to seek financial redress via a potential claim through the Financial Services...