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Have you received a warning letter from a Company called doValue in Cyprus?

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Thousands of individuals in the UK will no doubt have received in recent days a recorded delivery WITHOUT PREJUDICE Warning Letter at their homes from a company in Cyprus called doValue. The letters relate to historical issues which have arisen between these individuals and their Cypriot Bank as it concerns housing loans previously taken out for the purposes of purchasing a property in Cyprus. Typically, in the Swiss Franc (CHF) denomination

The majority of these individuals will never have heard of doValue, and as a result have been understandably wary of engaging with doValue directly.

Who are doValue?

The doValue Group is the main operator in Southern Europe in the management of credit portfolios and real estate assets deriving from non-performing loans. This is primarily focused within the European Banking sector.

Why are doValue contacting you from Cyprus?

They (doValue) are writing to individuals on behalf of SKY CAC LIMITED pursuant to a relevant credit management and servicing agreement. The letters being received by individuals are to initially locate these Borrowers (like yourself) in the UK and then negotiate solutions on behalf of SKY CAC LIMITED to the historical problems which have arisen between these Borrowers and their Cypriot Bank.

SKY CAC LIMITED have previously purchased the credit facility from Alpha Bank in Cyprus as per the provisions of Section 19 of the Sale & Purchase of Credit Facilities and Related Matters Law of 2015, Law 169(1)/2015 (as amended).

There is also more information on the historical Swiss Franc Mortgage Problems here - Mortgage Problems in Cyprus - Judicare (

Should you respond to the letters from doValue?

Receiving a letter from doValue regarding a historical mortgage debt in Cyprus, may provide a new opportunity for individuals to deal with their issues in Cyprus. Issues which the vast majority of property owners have mistakenly believed had simply “gone away” having stopped paying their housing loans in Cyprus many years ago and received no contact from their Bank in Cyprus. The fact that doValue have now directly contacted you, is proof that the loan did not “go away”.

What are the potential solutions being offered by doValue?

Where an owner does not wish to retain their property in Cyprus, it is possible with specialist advice to negotiate for the property to be given back to the Bank, this sees owners released from their obligations and able to continue their life free from any stress or fear for their future.

Where an owner wishes to retain their property in Cyprus, it is possible, again with specialist advice, to restructure the Loan with significant discounts; and in these cases, the owners carry on with their ownership, free from stress and in enjoyment of their properties in Cyprus.

What if you ignore the Letter from doValue?

The purpose of this approach to borrowers by doValue is to seek on behalf of the parties, a potential settlement regarding the unpaid debts. If individuals, who are in long default of their Swiss Franc mortgage in Cyprus, ignore the fact that doValue have written to them and fail to engage either directly with doValue or through advice from specialist solicitors, then doValue will report the non-cooperation back to the Banking entity in Cyprus. It is likely, a legal action will then be initiated against the individual for the full amount owed, plus interest plus costs. That legal action will then be “served” to them in the UK via the Cyprus Court.

There is more information on this legal process here - If you are served in the UK with a Writ of Summons from a Cyprus Court, what immediate action should you take? (

How can Judicare help?

We have been helping individuals to find the correct solution with regards to their problematic mortgages in Cyprus since 2010. Over the years our team of experts both in the UK and in Cyprus have acquired the knowledge, skills, and experience in finding the optimum solutions for our clients. So, if you are facing problems with your mortgage in Cyprus, our specialist legal team can help you explore your options, including negotiating full and final settlements or variations to the mortgage, taking steps to sell or rent out the property, and considering whether taking legal action (such as a mis selling or professional negligence claim) is viable.

Below are just some of the reasons why our clients instruct us:

  • Our legal teams have decades of combined experience of handling Swiss Franc Mortgage problems in Cyprus.
  • We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and as such we carry professional Indemnity Insurance giving you vital protections and redress in the unlikely scenario something goes wrong. The Cypriot legal team is regulated by the Cyprus Bar Association, and they also carry a professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • We have successfully negotiated over £40million of foreign Bank debt being written off for our clients.
  • Using a Claims Management Company (CMC) or a so called “advisory firm” providing foreign property debt solutions across the EU can be risky, as there are no safeguards or any regulatory redress for clients if something goes wrong.

If you have received a letter from doValue in Cyprus, or have fears you may soon receive a letter, or would simply like more information on our fixed fee approach a member of our team will be happy to take your call on a confidential basis at 01438 840258 or via email to

We can also arrange a free no obligation teleconference via Zoom/Skype.

Getting in touch will allow us to understand your individual circumstances and discuss with you your concerns and objectives. Working with you we can then decide upon the correct strategy to approach and find the solution which is right for you.