We are proud of the work that we do for our clients and have received some wonderful feedback over the years. Please take a moment to read what they have to say about their experience working with Judicare.

A decade of Spanish Bank threats finally removed. Thank you Judicare

"I would like to thank Peter at Judicare for all the help and support that we have been given regarding our property in Spain .we thought that we no longer owed it ,when in 2012 we paid caja sol a vast amount of money to take back our house when we could no longer pay our mortgage. 11 years later it turned out our names were never removed from the deeds and a debt company were chasing us .We found Judicare when searching for help in this matter and have never looked back .Their support and knowledge when dealing with this has been invaluable and the conclusion reached as a positive one for us .
Anyone who finds themselves in this situation would be wise to use this law firm .
Once again a big Thank you to Judicare." 

Alison and Richard Bentley

Spanish Mortgage Debt written off!

"We started to receive letters from Spanish debt collectors. We approached Judicare who took our case and represented us to achieve a successful conclusion of the matter for us. They checked the credentials of the companies, checked all the documents, and negotiated a successful deal for us. Judicare were diligent and very professional. They kept us updated at all times and were always at hand to answer our queries. We highly recommend them and would use them again in the future if needed. We cannot thank them enough- Neil and Peter were brilliant.." 

F. O'Boyle

Cancellation of a Spanish Timeshare

"Back in November 2022, a timeshare company based in Maderia started to contact me.It transpired that my parents [deceased in 2013] had outstanding timeshare commitments, in the form of unpaid maintenance from 2013 to the present day.As joint executors, my brother and I knew that the timeshare had existed but since no paperwork was to hand at the winding down of the estate no provision was made.From the rather ambiguous conversations we were having with the timeshare company it was becoming increasingly apparent that given the opportunity the time share company may try to recover all outstanding payments and any other associated costs involved in the settlement of the accounts.In order to mitigate our liability, we were recommended to contact Judicare, where we were introduced to Peter Esders.From this point onwards and until the satisfactory conclusion of business in November 2023 Peter was a very reassuring point of contact in the rather protracted and at times frustrating process. His direct and courteous approach was very much appreciated, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him {and Judicare} to anyone that finds themselves in similar circumstances.

A great job, well done." 

Ian Russell

Property Purchase in Spain

"I used Judicare services to purchase an apartment in Spain. They were recommended to me. They provided a very professional service. Peter Esders was very approachable and patient. I often had many questions or was unable to initially understand some parts of the process.  He was always happy to answer (and explain) any questions and queries that I had. Very knowledgeable and professional." 

Ushma Savjani

Selling up in Spain

"Having unexpectedly found myself in need of an international lawyer it was a case of where do I start With the help of Google I came across Judicare Law International Ltd and as they are based in my local area it felt worth contacting them Peter ( ESDERS) listened to and understood my situation and answered my many questions clearly and promptly He offered me several options and set out the various costs Peter respected my position and reasons for proceeding as I did He guided me through the notary section of the process which smoothly Whilst the process took longer than I had expected due to delays in Spain I would thoroughly recommend Judicare Law International Ltd and Peter Esders in particular to anyone needing legal advice / services regarding a matter abroad." 

Elaine Wood

1 Million Swiss Franc mortgage case in Cyprus settled

"Having purchased a property several years ago in Cyprus in a beautiful location with fantastic potential for a regular family base and holiday home, the global market crashed, and the Cypriot Pound transferred to Euros. During this time there was a huge amount of uncertainty and a dream villa turned into a nightmare with the amount owed to the bank doubling pretty much overnight. This continued to grow with interest and gave many sleepless nights!  My circumstances changed both mentally and physically and left me in a vary precarious position with what felt like an unthinkable position for my family and I. The pressure and financial burden were insurmountable. I contacted Neil Heaney at Judicare who has been a Godsend with his vast amount of knowledge and expertise in properties that have been purchased abroad. They were clear , transparent and very supportive. They guided me through a very strenuous process of legal proceedings with a Cypriot bank chasing me for a Seven figure sum of money. The entire Judicare team were excellent with a very good team of local Barristers in Cyprus. It was their knowledge and communication that allowed me to get an understanding of the legal system and how it would affect me in the UK. They were clear with every communication and showed a huge amount of compassion and helped me get to a position that is now manageable. The outcome is very positive and I cannot recommend Judicare and Neil more highly. If you or anyone you know has bought a property abroad and find yourself in a vary precarious position, then I would suggest contacting Judicare.." 

Dafydd James

Thank you all so much for helping me achieve my dream in Portugal

"I began my journey with Judicare in September 2020 when I stumbled upon them after returning from Portugal, looking for an English-speaking law firm to help me purchase a property there. At first, I thought I might be barking up the wrong tree as reading the reviews, it seemed that Judicare were perhaps more for problem purchases. I'm so glad I trusted my instincts. After talking to Neil Heaney I had a much clearer picture of the stages involved. He has a very friendly, unobtrusive manner and I was reassured. This was quite a daunting prospect for a single woman with no knowledge of conveyancing in the UK, let alone Portugal. Unfortunately this was a probate property and full of complications so after 6 months of nothing happening, I withdrew my interest. As I still fully intended to find my dream property,  Neil was very accommodating and happy to shelve my fee until that time came. Roll on to New Year 2023 when I finally found what I wanted. Neil was straight on it, no questions asked. It was a largely trouble free process but I was kept informed of the proceedings and always felt that I could pick up the phone if I needed reassurance.What I really want to say, is don't be deterred by thinking that this is a Law firm who are only interested if you have a problem with a purchase. Judicare are fantastic.Neil is straight talking, honest, patient and friendly and has a fantastic team around him especially the Portuguese lawyer Nuno, who was excellent. I would recommend Judicare every time.." 

Mrs. Fiona Nuttall

French mortgage debt claim written off

"Our experience with Judicare has been excellent. We had no idea how to start with our problem with the legal demand letter we received from a debt collection agency in the UK chasing down a loan we had taken out with a French Bank on a French property. We had heard nothing for so many years, the letter came as a huge shock given the significant amount they were now seeking from us. Judicare saved us so much worry and were so professional keeping us informed all the way. Through their involvement, they were able to fight the claim on our behalf and succeeded in having the entire amount – over £100,000 – completely written off. We thank Neil and his team at Judicare so much for everything." 

Simon & Andrea Mellor

Property purchase in Spain

"When you decide to buy a property abroad, there are many unknown people you must hire  to make sure that the process of purchasing a home overseas is as transparent, smooth and reliable as possible. It is daunting and time consuming to find the right resources to make your dreams come true. It took us years to start our process, but when we were ready, Peter Esders was the first person we relied on to facilitate our purchase after securing a mortgage. He was with us every step of the way providing us with legal advice and translation services, making sure we were aware of what every document meant for us, for the bank and for the sellers. When we came to difficult decisions or concerns, Peter took the time to explain to us what the law meant and how things worked in Spain. He was always accessible to us by phone and by email making sure we would understand our risks and advantages. He went out of his way to discuss issues with the seller's lawyer, the notary and the real estate agent as well just to make sure things would move smoothly and we would be protected buyers. It has been a pleasure to work with Peter and we are very grateful for his advice. We happily closed on our house 3 months ago, but I am sure we will continue relying on Peter and Judicare for future advice on Spanish laws and processes."

Lilly Hallquist

Multi million pound purchase in Ibiza

"Peter is the perfect lawyer for Spanish property transactions. Completely fluent, highly experienced - he knows all the pitfalls of the Spanish market - and most importantly a calm, patient and lovely guy to work with.  And to top it all, his rates are competitive. Couldn’t ask for more."

John Houghton

Thank you so much for all your help, support, advice and, last but not least, patience!

"Like so many people that we’ve read about on the Judicare testimonials page, we bought what we thought was our dream house in Cyprus just before the fateful crash in 2008. Suffice to say, our dream quickly became a nightmare when our attempts at renegotiating our Swiss-Franc mortgage were swiftly rebuffed by the very bank that we felt had given us inaccurate and insufficient advice from the outset. Wanting to do the right thing and knowing that we would never have the peace of mind should we purchase a property back in the UK, we did our research online to seek appropriate representation and, after a referral from a family member, were recommended to speak with Judicare. Speaking to Neil, immediately gave us the much-needed reassurance that we weren’t alone, and they could provide the advice and guidance through what we thought was going to be a long, legal, and financial minefield. That was in 2012.

Fast-forward to January 2023, and, after an extremely stressful and unsettling journey, we are delighted to be able to say our case is closed thanks to the help and support of Neil, his team at Judicare and, of course, Judicare’s legal Counsel in Cyprus. Neil has skillfully helped us navigate and successfully challenge what seemed to us initially, an almost impossible situation and for that we will always be grateful. The endless emails, phone calls and paperwork have all been worth it as we now have the peace of mind we wanted and can get on with our lives. We particularly found Judicare’s seminars useful for updates, information and speaking to others in a similar situation. We would wholeheartedly recommend Neil and his team to anyone who finds themselves in similar difficulty, there is help, support and advice out there, and it’s called Judicare!"

Darren & Joanne Morrow

Cyprus property issues finally settled

"I purchased a studio apartment in Cyprus just before the financial crisis in 2008 as an investment to generate an income. I was recommended a Swiss Franc mortgage so as the financial crisis hit the price of the property halved, and we also found the rental yield we were promised was never going to be achievable. After continuing to struggle to meet payments and with the situation showing no sign of ever improving, I did some research on options and soon found I was not the only one in the same position. With many firms offering up various promises of getting solutions I was concerned I might end up throwing god money after bad. However, my fears were soon put to rest after an initial consultation with Judicare. It was clear they were a professional firm who would offer me clear and realistic advice, and in a short space of time they had enabled me to stop paying my mortgage to take the financial pressure off me. They would subsequently manage my expectations and keep me informed throughout a process with negotiations that would take some 8 years to resolve, but which ultimately end up with my property being taken over by the Bank in Cyprus with a full settlement of the loan. I would like to thank Neil and his team, in the UK and Cyprus, for all their outstanding work in helping me to reach a settlement and would recommend their services without any hesitation. Should I ever look at investing in property overseas again, then contacting Judicare would be my first step before doing anything else."

Mr Melgaard

Property Purchase in Cyprus

"After being filmed for Channel 4’s programme A Place In The Sun, we chose to buy an apartment in Cyprus. We had no experience in buying property abroad and after being put in touch with Johnny Irwin, we were given Neil Heaney details at Judicare.  He made us feel at ease by firstly letting us know their fees and arranging a video call with counsel in Cyprus. We were kept informed at every step of the way with all Emails and phone calls answered. We are now pleased to say although taken a bit of time we now own and have the Title Deeds to our holiday apartment in sunny Cyprus and are looking forward to many holidays there. Even after the completion, we still had a telephone call from Neil enquiring if everything was okay. Thank you Neil for all your help and we have no hesitation in recommending Judicare in the future."

Chris & Pauline Stanley

Property Pain in Spain

"I had been looking for a managed property in Europe for some time as an investment, but also for our own use, and thought I had found the perfect solution in Spain in late 2021. I was introduced to Judicare and Peter, via an estate agent, who was advertising the property. How glad I now am, that I took up this introduction and engaged with Peter to provide legal representation and guidance during the process. My perfect solution, turned out not to be perfect and very nearly became a nightmare experience. Without Peters significant knowledge of the Spanish property legal system and his fluent Spanish, I would not have picked up on significant issues with the completed property certification and would have ended up with a property I would not have been able to use or rent out legally. I would have been at a total loss on how to solve the issues, retreat from the purchase and receive my significant deposit back. Peter discovered the issues just before completion, dealt directly with the difficult Spanish developer, their solicitors, and my mortgage provider, keeping me up to date with important developments and managed to obtain a full refund of my deposit and ensured my obligation to purchase the property was removed. I am extremely grateful for all Peters work and would not hesitate to use him again and highly recommend Judicare and Peter to anybody else planning on an overseas purchase. A huge Thank You, for a positive outcome, if not the one we had intended at the beginning!"

Gary Grant

Swiss Franc nightmare in Cyprus finally over

"Like so many others, we fell into the trap of buying an apartment in Cyprus with a Swiss Franc Loan. During the early days we were delighted, and the payments were manageable along with the other various outgoings. However, like others when the "crash" happened it was impossible to keep up with the payments. It would take me too long to write about our experience  -  of trying to resolve the matter with the bank, dealing with the builder regarding Title Deeds (as we actually had a buyer), it was very stressful. 
It was to our great relief that Neil Heaney of Judicare looked over our paperwork and agreed to help us resolve our problem. In short, he was our saviour! He is very calm, explained everything clearly and I don't think there are words to explain what Neil and his team in Cyprus have done for us. It gave us peace of mind to know that we had all their expertise and knowledge working for us. We cannot thank them enough, and highly recommend them."

Mr & Mrs Kelly

Obtaining our Title Deeds in Cape Verde

"We would like to express our sincere thanks to Peter Esders of Judicare for being the most efficient, helpful and very very patient man than you can think possible. Back in August 2018 we contacted Judicare to help us with a property problem we had in Cape Verde Without going into too much detail the property was in our Company name that had been liquidated and we needed to change the name on the deeds to or own personal name. This came with endless hurdles and problems many times over with more paperwork than you can imagine that Peter had to deal with and advice us what to do next. This unfortunately took over three years to complete with the slow lengthy process of the Cape Verde lawyers with their responses and endless requests for further information, paperwork etc. This was extremely stressful at times for Peter as it was for us but he never once gave up on us and for this we will be forever grateful. We would certainly not hesitate in recommending Judicare, especially Peter Esders."

Mr & Mrs Corbyn

Inheritance in Portugal - Overcoming Bureaucracy and Excessive Legal Fees 

"We could not have overcome the hurdles of navigating the difficulties of an inheritance from a vulnerable and elderly family friend who died in Portugal, without the assistance of Peter Esders at Judicare.  The local lawyers who had drawn up the Will had self-appointed themselves as Executors and subsequently refused to open it after her death unless we paid them an enormous fee (in the region of €90,000 - €150,000) upfront.  It was clear that in the last two years that had charged the elderly lady €60,000 and refused to offer either invoices or an account - and nor would they give a scale of charges, or a terms of engagement letter.  In fact we were on the receiving end of aggressive responses to reasonable questions.  At that stage though they held all the cards and as a group of heirs we were lost and worried. 

Peter appointed Dr Nuno, a partner lawyer in Portugal and requested him to obtain a public copy of the Will - which was done and was the starting point for a good outcome.  Without going in to all the details, they helped is to understand and navigate the complexities of the systems in Portugal - and the subtle difference of law that enable Dr Nuno to handle the estate for us.

At one stage a court order was placed on the house which could have quickly lead to an enforced sale.  Peter and Dr Nuno were able to act within a few hours to guide us to the best solution and act on it with the court - allowing a swift resolution and us to be able to sleep again!

Peter and his team, along with Dr Nuno in Portugal were of course professional - but also friendly, efficient and reassuring.  I cannot over state how much support is needed during a period of turmoil and conflict - the value of the relationship with Peter and Dr Nuno is way beyond the legal expertise they offered us. Holding our hand and the ability to explain complex legal situations at our level of understanding is a high level skill that they both maintained through out the process.  The bureaucracy of the system in Portugal seems much more complex that the UK and of course every document needs translating, verifying and certifying - there is no doubt that we could not have done this alone.  Peter was always able to direct what was needed in Portugal and the same time keeping us informed and guiding us to good outcome.

From my experience it is a pleasure to endorse their expertise and appreciate greatly the support we were given"

Colin Budenberg

Thank you Neil and the Judicare team 

"I had bought properties in Cyprus just before the financial crisis in 2008 as an investment towards retirement, on recommendation of a friend. I had a Swiss Franc mortgage based on information provided at the time. As the financial crisis worsened, the prices of the properties halved and the mortgage doubled. I saw my savings completely depleted and I was unable to meet the mortgage payments. My friend introduced me to Neil and Judicare to find a way out of the mess I was in. At our initial meeting itself Neil was incredibly reassuring and supportive. Since I was in India without any ongoing income due to my back injury, it was next to impossible to imagine repaying the bank loans. With Judicare’s help both properties were taken over by the Bank in Cyprus with a full settlement of the loans. The whole process took just about two years but it is finally complete and I can sleep in peace. The trauma of the last 15 years is finally over. Judicare have been incredible with their commitment to help me, to sort out so many complications especially with me living in India and in getting the final clearance from the Bank in Cyprus. My deepest gratitude to the organisation and Neil and his team for helping me get out of this mess."

Mrs Deshpande

Swiss Franc loan in Cyprus finally settled thanks to Judicare 

"I would like to thank you and your team for the support you have given me and my family over the past 2 years whilst Judicare have been dealing with my Swiss Franc loan in Cyprus. You were very clear in explaining the different types of options that were a possibility to me: whether to pay the loan off completely or to re- structure the loan. The original discount figure you told me you could potentially achieve was between 45-50% which was hard for me to believe at the time. I can’t tell you how relieved I am that it’s finally over. It has been a tough 2 years for any business with so much uncertainty, however your help and guidance has been a real comfort. You have been very professional throughout and there has been nothing too much trouble for you and your team. Your reassurance has helped me to concentrate on my Business while you have dealt with the Bank in Cyprus and negotiated an amazing 49% discount of the remaining balance of the loan ,which I’m very happy about, and this figure is what you told me in our first phone call when I contacted Judicare!"

Mark and Debra Richards

Thank you Judicare

"We owned a property in Cyprus which was locked in legal battles between developers and banking institutions, so our Title Deeds were unobtainable. Having lost our trust in the legal system in Cyprus we looked to the UK to help us. Judicare was the only organisation in the UK with the means to entangle this mess and gave us the way forward to sell the property and be released from all ownership and financial obligations. Having their own appointed legal teams in various countries, Judicare have access to the senior levels of banks and other organisations which are inaccessible to grass roots mortgage holders. The commitment to the client was 100%. Communication between client and organisation was excellent. Calls were returned within the same working day. There was reassurance and information at each stage. The care and service received from Judicare could not have been more professional and committed to the client.
Our sincere and grateful thanks go to the whole organisation."

Mr & Mrs Parker

Cyprus litigation successfully settled

"In 2005, my husband was diagnosed with the unpredictable disease of multiple sclerosis. He received a critical illness payout and we sought financial advice as we knew we needed to secure our future. Buying a property in Cyprus seemed like a good option for us as we hoped to make some return on our investment with a place we could visit each year to relax and recover. However, soon after purchasing the property in 2008 we realised that what we thought was an investment had actually become a financial liability for us. We had been encouraged by the property agent and Alpha Bank to purchase the property in Swiss francs and had not been made aware of the dangers of currency fluctuations which we found out when the monthly loan repayments doubled and we were not making any progress to repay the loan. Our loan agreement promised that we would be granted the title deeds within 12 months but all these years later, these have never been issued.My husband and I spent a few years knowing that we could lose everything that we had spent our whole lives building up together and we felt desperate, sad and actually quite isolated as we just did not know who to talk to or what to do. Together we started to explore solutions and that’s when we found Judicare.After sending details of our particular case to Judicare we were delighted when we received the news that our case against the bank was strong and that Judicare would fight for us to bring a solution to this financial disaster. Neil was our rock in this storm. He was always calm and patient and helped us through these dark times. He would take time to explain the process to us and encouraged us to trust and to not be shaken by the battle we were facing. There were many times when I called Neil, quite upset about something that had happened and he always reassured me that we would reach a resolution. I always felt better after talking to him. It has taken years to bring about this resolution which finally happened during the early months of 2021. We would recommend anyone who has faced similar problems to us to contact Judicare. Thank you Judicare!"

Laura and Phil Gowers

French nightmare finally over

"In 2008 the financial crisis brought my French dream to an abrupt end and I was forced to move back to the UK and rent my house out. The tenants failed to pay their rent and despite taking them to court in France twice I didn’t get a penny from them. As a result the mortgage fell into arrears and I was doing my best to resolve the problem. I was horrified to discover from a local estate agent who went to the house to conduct a viewing that it had been repossessed by the bank and sold without my knowledge for a fraction of its value in a government auction leaving me with a substantial 5 figure debt.Since 2014 I have been harassed by debt collectors until finally in 2020 I received a letter from UK solicitors advising that they had a European Enforcement Order and would be taking legal action against me if the debt was not repaid in full.I was very fortunate to find Judicare and, with the expert advice of CEO Neil Heaney and their Counsel Richard Ryde in Paris, the creditor has now had to agree that the claim is unenforceable and, in fact, had been since the first time they contacted me.It has been an incredibly stressful 7 years with this enormous debt hanging over me and it is a huge relief that, thanks to Neil and Richard, it is now all over and I can get on with my life. Throughout the process both have been very understanding and supportive and kept me updated regularly on progress. Throughout they were knowledgeable and highly professional.I was so impressed with their service that I have now recommended them to friends who are having property issues in France."

Melanie Jones

Cape Verde Property Investment – 2007

"In 2007 I contracted to buy an apartment, off plan, on Sal Island, Cape Verde, with a completion date of 2009.  The property when it was eventually built was sold in its entirety and now is an aparthotel – I was never consulted by the builder or reimbursed for monies that I had paid.  Judicare was recommended to me by a work acquaintance.  Judicare’s representative  Neil Heaney was very sympathetic regarding my experiences and proved to be extremely knowledgeable regarding the Cape Verde property issues. Neil gave me advice, confidence, and time to make the right decisions on how to proceed legally with my claim.  Although, I did not receive the compensation in full as stated within the purchase contract, I have an agreement in place that all monies paid will be refunded over a 3-year period.  Though this agreement is not perfect it is better than no refund at all, and I am now receiving the monthly instalments from the Developer.

Judicare, especially Neil Heaney have been totally professional, friendly, and focused on achieving a successful result and I would certainly recommend their services."

Barbara Wood

House Purchase in Dordogne, France

"We had been thinking about purchasing a house in France for a while and eventually found the home for us in the Dordogne. After negotiating, we agreed a price and then It dawned on us that the proceedings had only just started.
Legally we had absolutely no idea where to start.  Buying a property abroad is completely different to a purchase in the UK, especially if you aren’t fluent in the language. Someone recommended Judicare and I cannot say how lucky we were.  From that moment on the process was handled by their extremely efficient French Avocat, Richard, who ensured we were looked out for all the way.
It wasn’t the easiest purchase, if we hadn’t had Judicare on board we would have ended up with a significant boundary problem that we were totally unaware of. This was just the first of many bumps along a very long road, but all the stress of the purchase was taken from us and handled by Judicare. There is no such thing as a straightforward overseas property purchase .... As we now know!
After a long 9 months of scrutinising contracts and making sure our interests were 100% covered Judicare helped us to conclude our purchase and we cannot be happier. Thanks so much to Judicare, we would 1000% recommend you and would not suggest anyone purchases a property overseas without your help."

Dave and Debbie Blaber

Cyprus nightmare finally at an end

“Our Cyprus property experience will no doubt be a familiar one. We put a deposit down on an apartment back in 2006 and were encouraged to take out one of the CHF loans that were being heavily promoted at the time. The development was completed in 2009 and to an apparently good standard so, despite a few reservations, we completed on the property and looked forward to many family holidays to come. Sadly the predictable set of problems rapidly began to emerge. The monthly loan payments turned out to be twice what we’d been led to believe and yet made little if any dent in the loan capital. A developer mortgage, planning infringements etc. mean the promised Title Deeds still haven’t been issued twelve years later, thus negating any real prospect of us ever selling on and cutting our losses. We struggled on for a few years until by early 2013 we’d reached breaking point and were finding the Bank increasingly unsympathetic and aggressive in their approach, including the use of UK debt collectors. We were desperate for help and it was then that we were fortunate to discover Judicare.

In March this year, following negotiations on our behalf by them and their Cypriot Barristers, we finally received notification that the Bank has taken possession of the property in full and final settlement of our loan. It’s taken a while to sink in that after all these years of worry, it’s finally all over and the feeling of relief is overwhelming. It’s been a difficult and expensive lesson in lack of experience and misplaced trust but despite everything, we’re determined to concentrate on the fact that Judicare have been very much successful in extricating us from this nightmare, including protecting our UK assets from the Cypriot banks. Throughout this whole process they have acted with a degree of professionalism and transparency that was sadly very much lacking in our initial Cyprus dealings. Neil in particular has been a calm, supportive yet realistic voice at the end of the phone whenever we needed reassurance. He and his team have worked quietly in the background, providing a protective buffer between us and the Cypriot ‘powers that be’ to an extent that we’ll probably never fully realise. We dread to think how things could’ve turned out had we not come across their services, something for which we will be eternally grateful. We have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in a similar situation.”

I and V Robertson

Our forever home in Italy

"We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Neil and his team at Judicare and to their Italian counterpart, Pietro, for their help, advice (and patience!) on our purchase of our forever home in Puglia, Italy.Neil was always available to answer our many questions, taking the time to explain to a couple of complete novices how it all worked.Arranging for Pietro to handle things in Italy for us, Neil and his team guided us smoothly through the legal aspects of a foreign purchase and the Italian bureaucracy surrounding it.Considering that this all took place during the Covid pandemic & Brexit, we have reached a satisfactory conclusion with little or no issues; we could not have done it without Judicare & their excellent team, Thank you all."

Jym & Maggie Grant

Cyprus property Litigation concluded

"I can’t thank Neil and his team enough for rescuing me from a seemingly  impossible and extremely stressful situation. 
I inherited a property in Cyprus together with its mortgage on the untimely & sudden death of my husband in 2011.
The property had been written off as ‘un-rentable’ by the Cypriot rental agent because the promised nearby golf course had never materialised and a series of other difficulties. Also, the  mortgage had been restructured from Euros into Swiss Francs and had sky rocketed over time.
I had been bereaved and stuck with a property I didn’t want and had no idea what to do. Over a period of several years I tried to resolve the situation, ringing the agent, trying to find a lawyer in Cyprus and asking people for advice with no luck and many sleepless nights. I received many threatening letters from the bank (via various agents in the UK) and there was never even any acknowledgement that I had been widowed. 
Eventually a kind friend discovered Judicare and the road to resolution of this nightmare began. 
Neil was so helpful, reassuring and kind. Having given me an outline of the process and real hope at last, kept me updated on the long and complicated process. This included the bank repossessing the property, dealing with much red tape and many long legal processes which I hadn’t a hope of understanding, let alone achieving on my own. I always felt that I could ring Neil and ask about anything I needed to know, it was incredibly reassuring. 
The completion finally happened during the second Covid lockdown and I received the final settlement letter this month (January 2021) I am so relieved and delighted and very happy to highly recommend Neil and the Judicare team to anyone in need of this service.”

Deborah Carpenter  

Property purchase in Tuscany

"I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Peter and your team at Judicare for the way in which you have supported us throughout the purchase process.   As you are aware, this was our first property purchase abroad and many aspects of the Italian legal system were alien to us.   Your advice and guidance provided the reassurance we needed to be confident with the process and ultimately we now have a wonderful family home in Tuscany that we can enjoy for generations to come.”

Mr & Mrs Leverage

It’s never too late to ask a second opinion!

"2020 has been a year to remember thanks to the Covid19 global pandemic. At its outset, it focussed mine and my wife’s minds on what is important to us. We had been looking for a while for a Villa in Spain but hadn’t properly researched the buying process. During one of our lowest periods at the start of the crisis, we found a villa that looked just what we were looking for, and without much hesitation, placed a deposit on it. It was a lovely moment in the chaos we were facing daily, as NHS Pharmacists.

The property agent was very helpful in providing us details of the solicitors “he always gets to do his transactions” and, as they were based in Spain, we were told the process would be much simpler and quicker. So we went along with the suggestion, not really knowing any different. Time went by, and we had sporadic communications from the solicitors and everything seemed to be in order. Eventually we were sent the “nota simple” in Spanish which I discovered was in effect, the land registry document. The solicitors told me they didn’t have it in English, so I had to pay an individual in the UK to translate it for me. It was then I started to find little anomalies that looked odd, but when I questioned them with the Spanish solicitors, they told me everything was fine.

Eventually, we were asked to confirm we were happy to sign the contracts to exchange and despite my slight nervousness we went ahead and signed the contract for completion to take effect in two and a half weeks’ time. We then had an email from the solicitors referring to the 3% retention tax which had not been explained to us. I started to research it, and stumbled upon the Judicare website, and started reading around the experiences people who had purchased in Spain. I suddenly felt very uneasy about the “anomalies” I referred to earlier. We now had about 10 days to go before we finally owned the property, and I decided I needed someone else to look at all of our paperwork. Fully expecting to be turned down, with such little time left, I contacted Judicare to ask for a second opinion. Without hesitation Peter Esders came straight back to us and said he’d be happy to go through all of our communications and help us un-pick the details and paperwork. It was a great feeling of relief that someone with far more knowledge than us, could verify our purchase.

Peter was extremely helpful and listed all of the points he felt we needed answers to from the Spanish solicitors. He then, very kindly drafted up an email in both English and Spanish for us to send to the Spanish solicitors. All of this was done within 48 hours of us discussing the concerns with him. The email triggered the Spanish solicitors to spring into action and respond with answers to the many questions we had posed. Peter’s information and knowledge helped us make a reasoned and balanced decision on whether to go ahead with the purchase or to walk away. I only wish now that we had used Judicare from the very outset, and I would certainly recommend that course of action to anyone in our position in the future.

On balance, we went ahead with the purchase, and just need 2021 to be a better year to allow us to enjoy our new villa.”

Mr & Mrs Lester

Cyprus litigation successfully concluded

"Before discovering Judicare we had enlisted the help of a well known lawyer in Cyprus as we had been recommended to her.  After sending her all our paperwork from our original lawyer who dealt with our purchase all she said was it would be unlikely we would get a positive outcome as so many were in the same position and tried to get us to restructure our Swiss franc loan and even approached the bank without our knowledge to do this.  We therefore felt she was working with the bank and not us! After some traumatic time in which our personal circumstances changed, things were worse, husband made redundant, we were being hounded by the bank, I did some further research and came across class actions which I enquired about but felt they weren't for us, I came across Judicare, I immediately called Neil, who from the word go reassured us and made us feel there was hope. It's taken 8 years in total but we had the wonderful news recently our case had been fully resolved to our satisfaction without further cost to ourselves.  We cannot say how relieved and how we feel a dark cloud which has been hanging over us for so long has now been lifted and we can finally live our lives in complete knowledge that Judicare dealt with our case with complete professionalism and still throughout gave the human reassurance which we so needed.

It is therefore without any doubt we can highly recommend Judicare to anyone and shall do so if the need arises. With our heartfelt thanks.”

Jacqui & Martyn Richards

Litigation successfully settled and all threats removed

"I would strongly advise anyone who was, like me, caught up in the Alpha Panareti/Alpha Bank scandal, to turn to Judicare to resolve the issue. Initially, it seemed literally unbelievable that a Cyprus bank had any realistic chance of success in using allegedly falsely certified documents to sue UK clients over non-existent apartments, never mind for sums that were two or three times what these properties would be worth had they actually been built. However, the threat soon proved to be all too real, and wrong-footed some of the legal firms that, by means of class actions, thought they could either achieve a quick and easy solution, or else gain substantial damages. Instead their clients found themselves facing ever-escalating legal bills as the actions dragged on in stages for year after year, the only alternative being to agree to a costly and unjust settlement with the bank. Judicare, in contrast, has a clear, realistic and consistent strategy, charging reasonable fixed-price fees that are valid up to and including a trial, in the unlikely event that is necessary. Initially, each case is examined in detail by one of the partner Barristers in Cyprus; thereafter the individual treatment is constantly maintained, not least by the firm's CEO Neil Heaney, who is always on hand to provide updates and answer queries. No unnecessary demands are ever made on a client's time. My case has now been resolved in an honourable manner, fully vindicating my decision to turn to Judicare in 2016. The only cause for regret is the substantial amount of money I would have saved had I known about the firm and its approach at an earlier date.”

Gordon McLachlan

Property sale in Cyprus

"I contacted Judicare Law when I realised l needed personal legal representation when the house I owned with my ex-husband went onto the market to be sold in Cyprus. After meeting with Neil and explaining to him my situation he put me completely at ease and with the input of his team in Cyprus achieved far more for me than I ever expected possible. I cannot thank them enough for relieving me of the stress and worry this property sale was causing as for me it wasn't just selling a property it was dealing with an ex-husband and his appointed legal team. My biggest thanks go to Neil who has always made himself available to listen,discuss and advise at each stage of the proceedings. His professionalism and the manner he engages to ensure the best possible outcome  for you is second to none.
I have no hesitation in recommending Judicare Law to anyone.”

Sharon Roebuck

Recovery of funds from Cape Verde investment

"In 2010 my wife and I invested in a development in Cape Verde that subsequently, a few years later,  we found out we were mis-sold  by an IFA . Once the property was built, we never became owners by deed. In 2017 a refund was offered by the developer but this never materialised. We then had several years of stress and illness in trying to recover the funds. In July 2019 we were at our wits end so we started searching for legal support who could specifically deal with a legal claim overseas. We had several disappointing and/or nil responses from legal teams we contacted. After further research we came across Neil Heaney at Judicare. After initial consultation, Neil explained that his company has experience of the service required and had other clients who were in the same position as us. Neil guided us through the process and possible outcomes. After reviewing the options provided, we opted to use Neil as our legal representative. What appealed to us was ease of process and the best interest to help us. This was evident by the phone calls made to us, which many were outside normal working hours and Sundays, to keep us informed of status.  We were also impressed by the legal contacts that Judicare had available in Cape Verde, who worked in conjunction with the claim.  Within 6 months of instructing Judicare, we were successful in recovering our full investment (plus some additional damages) of almost €100,000.  We are very grateful for the effort Judicare has provided and would highly recommend anyone in a similar situation to engage with Neil and his team. .”

Glyn and Louise Davies

Property in Cyprus handed back to Bank and €400,000 threat removed

"We turned to Judicare several years ago, after initially encountering problems with the Cypriot Bank that led to them suddenly terminating our loan agreement. Whilst we had bought in Cyprus for all of the great attractions it has, when it went wrong, we were faced with an incredibly costly and fraught situation. It is very stressful to consider the practicalities of dealing with an escalating debt, when the matter is abroad and you are facing a different legal system and indeed, a language barrier. Whilst it took many years and involving court proceedings, through a long process of negotiation and constant stress, Judicare guided us to a settlement that has got us out of a potentially disastrous situation. The biggest compliment we can pay Neil, is the quality of his service levels and that he has been consistently available at all times, to discuss every issue and never fails to return a call. This is a great comfort to all Judicare clients.”

Chris Sanders

First time property purchase in Bulgaria

“Judicare was recommended to me after I decided to buy a property in Bulgaria. Neil Heaney was my first point of contact and made me feel at ease from the very first conversation. Judicare guided me through this fairly complex process from start to finish and were always there to answer questions, even at weekends and evenings, which was over and above expectations.  This was my first property purchase abroad and the process was completely alien to me. Judicare made everything relatively easy and always had my best interests at heart, ensuring we covered every detail and that I was never left open to any confusion.  After completion Neil is still there to answer any questions I have going forward. I would highly recommend using Judicare for total peace of mind.”

Kelly Montgomery

Property litigation in Cyprus settled

“Having been caught up in a CHF Bank Loan disaster in Cyprus, I was at a loss, not knowing how to deal with escalating Loan repayments and a Bank who were becoming more and more aggressive in their tone. Having done a lot of research I contacted Neil at Judicare who, from the start, was knowledgeable and able to advise me how best to progress and deal with my case.

It has taken a long time and has been very stressful but Neil and his team in Cyprus have been so responsive and very professional throughout the whole process. We were able to finally to reach a satisfactory settlement with the Bank in Cyprus which I fully believe I would never have managed had it not been for Neil and his team in Cyprus. Their calm and professional manner made this very difficult situation much easier and I am very grateful, their experience in this field gave me the confidence and reassurance that we could ultimately reach a settlement.”

Helen Atkins

Property purchase in Cyprus

“Judicare helped us through all the stages of buying a property in Peyia,Cyprus. This was all new to us -  so different to purchasing in the UK. They were always available for any query and explained in detail the procedures required. We had a deadline to meet and Neil went out of his way to make it happen for us. Even on a Saturday he answered his phone. Neil is very easy to speak with and we now see him more as a friend. We had the pleasure of also meeting him in the office in Nicosia during his lunch break to collect paperwork. Thank you to the whole team at Judicare in the UK and in Cyprus for all your hard work and making our dream come true.”

Andy and Linda

Purchase of a Villa in the Algarve

"Having been recommended Neil at Judicare we could not have been more pleased. Buying a property abroad was very new to us but Neil made the whole experience very easy. He guided us through every detail and made sure we were very happy and understood everything. He was always available to talk to 24 hours a day. I would like to thank Neil and his team for being very professional."

Calum Chambers - Arsenal FC

Legal defence against lawsuit in Cyprus

"I ran into difficulty with a property in Cyprus, purchased with a Laiki Bank mortgage (now Bank of Cyprus).  I realised shortly after committing to the mortgage that I had made a big mistake and that I needed good professional help.  Judicare were recommended to me so I made contact with Neil, probably not thinking that I had much of a lifeline but hoping nonetheless! 

The process after that with Judicare was a model of professionalism.  Essentially I outlined the facts to Neil, he engaged legal council in Cyprus who built up my defence case against the bank.  The bank had at this stage taken out a lawsuit against me. The lawsuit proceedings extended over several years. The cool, controlled manner of Neil and his team gave me confidence throughout the process.  

Following a very amicable settlement (on my behalf), the law suit has just now been lifted and the matter closed.  A very big thank you to Neil and his team and I would have no hesitation in recommending them  in the future."

Robert Gallagher

Retirement here we come!

“Being one of many unsuspecting people that had bought a retirement/investment property in Cyprus in 2007 with a CHF bank loan, it soon became crystal clear of the terrible financial mistake we had made.

In 2012 we were served with a writ by the Cypriot court. The Judicare Group and a few other U.K. solicitors were recommended to us and having attended a seminar organised by Judicare and vetting one other, we decided to go with Judicare because of their knowledge of the dire situation, straight forward approach and payment structure.

We made the right choice and will be forever grateful to Neil and the Judicare team.
The Bank took a huge chunk of our pension pot and put our lives on hold.
Judicare fought for us to keep the remainder of our pot and to start living again...

Retirement here we come!

Thank you."

Sue Hardingham & Robin Rood

Second property purchase in Cape Verde

“Having used the excellent services of Judicare before, for purchasing a property abroad in 2016, it was without hesitation that we used their services again. 

Neil guided us through this purchase and again the whole process ran smoothly and was superbly handled with expertise and ease. 

Leanne and I are most grateful for all your help and advice in helping us complete this recent purchase in Cape Verde. I would without a doubt recommend anyone purchasing abroad to use the services of Judicare and their international team of experts."

Leanne & Maria Alvarez

High value property purchase in Ibiza

"I wanted to take the opportunity to say a HUGE thank you for all of your invaluable guidance throughout the process. From start to the finish, you were responsive, clear and consummately professional. As a lawyer myself, I know how difficult it can be receiving multiple (often panicked!) queries in a short space of time and dealing with anxious clients, who really don’t understand the process. 

Looking back, there is simply no way that I could have gone through with this purchase, without your sage counsel. To have an adviser who is so familiar with both UK and Spanish legal systems (and who speaks fluent Spanish) was a real bonus. I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone who is considering a property purchase in Spain.

Thank you again for your outstanding service – Debbie and I really appreciate it."

David Berman (Solicitor)

Purchase of a property in Spain

“I would like to say a big “Thank You” to Peter Esders and all the staff at Judicare for the help and support you have given me when I was purchasing my property in Spain in 2016. 

You made a complicated process quite easy as I was able to trust you in providing the best advice. 

In Jan 2019 you helped me again with the contract with the builders in Spain for the renovation of the same property. Once again, you made what could have been a very complicated and stressful process so much easier and worry-free."

Fatemeh Leedham

Debt to asset swap with Cypriot Bank

"We first contacted Judicare after trying (for many months) to get any sort of satisfactory response from the Laiki Bank in Cyprus following the escalating monthly payments on our Swiss Franc based mortgage. This was, it seemed, almost impossible to make any progress.

 We were then served with a Writ from the Court in Cyprus brought against us by the Bank

 Subsequently, I spoke with several of the law companies in the UK that offered their services in this area, Judicare seemed to have the most experience, common sense approach and sensible fee scheme going forward.

 Neil gave us the confidence that as we weren’t alone in this extremely stressful situation – a satisfactory outcome could be delivered, with his team in the UK and their Barristers in Cyprus.

 The paperwork side was very straightforward and the feedback / information moving along each step of the process was easy to understand.

 We defended the case in Cyprus and our debt to the Bank had risen to over €500,000.

 Judicare and their Barristers in Cyprus were finally able to agree a Settlement for us to hand back the property in Cyprus to the Bank in a full a final payment of all of our debt.

 We have now reached a very satisfactory outcome – I don’t believe we would have gotten anywhere trying to deal with this ourselves, and I’m very relieved that we made the choice in using Judicare.

 It seems a little strange that we won’t have to worry about this anymore given the amount of time it’s been hanging over us!

 We really appreciate all of your efforts, & don’t believe anyone else could’ve done it in quite the same way"

A Good & N Lewis

Cyprus Court Judgement extinguished

"We bought a property off plan in Cyprus located on the outskirts of Larnaca in 2007 through a road show in Dubai marketing these investments, we signed up to what we thought was a good deal at the time, we paid an initial deposit and set up a mortgage through the bank of Cyprus. We were advised by the developer, British based sales team and bank representative that the best thing to do was to take the mortgage in Swiss Francs.

Looking back in hindsight we should have done more due diligence. As it turned out for us we didn’t realise it was the wrong move until all was signed and we had made up to a year of payments to the mortgage until we realized the cost was inflated and we were paying more than we could afford due to currency changes, we contacted the bank and discussed the issue, they became very aggressive and did not want to discuss and we were told there were no options but to pay. 

The property was completed and ready in 2009 by this time we had decided to not take ownership until the bank revisited the mortgage concern that they had advised us to take. There were many heated phone calls and threatening emails but no option from the bank on how our issue could be actioned, they were completely impossible to talk to and very aggressive. We decided that we weren’t going to chase them and that we would wait for them to deal with our concern.

Behind our backs some 8 years on the bank decided to make contact with us demanding highly inflated costs and penalties and issuing us a judgement from the Cypriot courts, none of which we were aware of until a letter was sent to us via an email. This caused us severe stress and worry.

There was no way of communicating with the bank on the subject so we firstly tried to deal with several Cypriot based lawyers, none of which proved fruitful and we felt alone and lost in how to deal with the situation. After some research and searching I came across Judicare and contacted Neil Heaney, from the second I discussed this with him I felt confident that he knew exactly what was required, he offered solid support and comfort and laid all the options out for us to think about.

We felt very confident to use Neil and the team so signed him up and Judicare get to work on getting some resolve.

Within a matter of months Judicare and the team in Cyprus had negotiated with the Bank and succeeded in dramatically reducing the amount we owed from the Judgment debt which had risen to €320,000 to a one off payment of €5,000 to the Bank and the return of the property. With Judicare’s fees on top. 

They successfully finalised the deal in early 2018 with the finalization and clearance document expected to be provided in the near future.

Neil and his team have been completely transparent, timely and managed to achieve way more than I could have imagined, I cannot thank them enough for relieving me of the stress and worry that this was causing, the teams’ local know how and relationship with banks is priceless in getting a smooth and sensible resolve.

I would highly recommend Judicare to anyone else who may be in the same predicament"

Scott Harper

Property and Retirement Plans Secured

When we bought our retirement home in Cyprus in 2006, we knew we were making a big financial commitment but it appeared to be just about feasible.
What we did not envisage was the sharp rise in the value of Swiss Francs which in effect doubled our monthly mortgage payments.
Despite the added pressure, we continued to pay the instalments until it became nearly impossible due to redundancies and ill health in 2016.
We approached the Bank in Cyprus several times but the options offered were either a remortgage in Sterling, or Euro, with extended length or sale of the property. Neither of which were acceptable as my husband and I are both over 60 years old and this was not going to be practical, especially as paying for the first one was becoming impossible, and we planned to live in the property anyway.
We went through a very stressful period fearing we would lose our retirement home and potentially our property in the UK.
Judicare’s reassurance that we could come to an agreement with the bank, with their Barristers in Cyprus dealing directly with the bank’s solicitors came as a huge relief.
Judicare’s combined extensive expertise in these matters as well as Neil’s reassuring tone and manner helped restore our confidence.
It was a lengthy process and quite stressful at times but his team never gave up. They persevered with the negotiations and finally we managed to settle the remaining debt.
Getting to this point on our own would have been virtually impossible and we are extremely grateful for Judicare’s support and efforts."

Mr & Mrs Sabet

Property Inheritance in Spain

On behalf of myself Alan and Nicola I would like to say a big “Thank You” to you and all the staff at Judicare for the help and support you have given us. 

I thought we had time to sell our apartment on Spain while Ron was still alive. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case and Ron passed away very quickly.

We were recommended to get in touch with you and your Company.

You virtually held our hand all the way. We were able to obtain Power of Attorney and sell our property with your help.

You made what could have been a very complicated and stressful process so much easier without worry.

I am truly grateful

Rita Rapley

Property Purchase in Spain

Having looked at various countries over the past few years Spain was chosen for various reasons and mainly due to its proximity to the UK, frequent flights and alternative travel options.

I initially chose a law firm operating in Spain giving local access to town halls and other local resources; this all seemed to make prefect sense.

As things progressed it became apparent that the legal support I had chosen seemed to work in a ‘business’ like fashion rather than dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s: being reassured ‘it’s the way we do things out here’. After asking some rather obvious questions it became apparent the business like responses I was receiving although potentially being perfectly acceptable did not hold up to scrutiny, I terminated the retainer.

I required legal support to ensure everything was completed fully and correctly, no sugar coating and thus I retained the service of Peter at Judicare. Peter stayed on point and ensured all went forward. Nothing was hidden, no ‘business’ like responses, just straight forward advice whether you liked to it or not. That’s not to say Peter wasn’t personal, he is and without doubt his negotiation skills helped smooth things over with the other sides legal team.

After the completion Peter again assisted with some wraparound legal support as the transaction in Spain was also tied to other UK financial instruments. Peter at Judicare provided the legal support and the advice I required to complete the transaction, knowing it was all above board.

Chris Steel

Negotiated settlement with Cypriot bank

I can’t thank Neil Heaney and his entire team at Judicare enough for their help in successfully negotiating a reduced settlement on outstanding loans on three apartments in Larnaca, Cyprus.

When Judicare took on the case, the Bank had called in the loans on all three properties and had taken the matter to court without our knowledge.  Within a matter of months Judicare and the team in Cyprus had negotiated with the Bank and succeeded in dramatically reducing the amount we owed from around 700,000 Euros to 45,000 Euros and the return of the property. They successfully finalised the deal in June 2018.

Neil is fantastically diligent and tenacious and from the first conversation I knew he and Judicare were the right choice.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending Judicare and their team.

Rick Garland

Recovery of deposit for Off Plan property in Cape Verde

I would like to thank Neil Heaney and his team at Judicare for their help in successfully negotiating the return of my full investment for a property in Cape Verde.

I found Neil very approachable and after Judicare took on my case I immediately felt I had made the right decision in choosing them to represent me.  They provided excellent service and support throughout the whole process.

I would not hesitate in highly recommending Neil and his team to anyone who may find themselves having any issues with overseas property purchases.

Ms Cooper

High Value property purchase in Barcelona

As a first time buyer in Spain I can wholeheartedly recommend Peter and his firm. His advice has been of great benefit and I can attest he was diligent in his efforts to ensure every aspect of our purchase was as it needed to be. I found his service to be courteous, timely and highly professional.

There were some follow up items related to the purchase that went beyond the original brief and Peter continued to facilitate a resolution on our behalf.

No hesitation in recommending you consider working with this firm.

Mr Armstrong

Spanish Bank Negotiation

In November 2015 we agreed the surrender of two holiday homes in Portugal back to our Spanish lender, as we could not afford to keep up the repayment mortgages.  At the time we owed arrears and taxes to the sum of €21,500, but as the bank gave us a year to pay it back we did not worry too much about it.  Having had no response to our enquiries and more than two years having passed, we had assumed the bank had forgotten about us.  However, the bank had sold on the debt and in February 2018 we were contacted by a recovery company asking us to repay an increased sum of €25,500 (which included additional interest).

We were being asked for immediate repayment and with my poor credit rating the only way I would have been able to raise the funds would be to sell our home.  Having used Judicare before on another matter, I immediately got in touch and explained the situation.  Peter Esders was back to us within days; explaining our options, managing our expectations, and giving us a clear idea of costs involved.  After deciding to proceed, Judicare approached the bank and began discussions towards agreeing a payment arrangement that both parties found workable.  Within 2 weeks we had an initial offer on the table, and within a month Judicare had negotiated us to a position where the bank would agree to settle the entire debt for €12,500, a saving of some €13,000!  Thanks to their negotiations we were able to raise funds for this amount through savings and an unsecured loan, and did not have to consider selling our home.

While the whole team at Judicare are incredibly professional and a pleasure to work with, in this matter we would like to particularly thank Peter Esders.  Peter immediately put us at ease in the way he took on the matter, gave us prompt responses to all our queries, and worked diligently to secure us a far better settlement than we could have hoped for.  I can’t recommend Judicare highly enough and I won’t be using anyone else for overseas property advice in future.


Obtaining International Power of Attorney

My father has suffered ill health in recent years, to a point where he cannot supervise his own financial affairs.

I hold UK Power of Attorney (PoA) for my father’s affairs; therefore, when my father then told me to proceed and sell his apartment in Tenerife, I then commenced the journey to explore the steps to be taken.

It soon became clear, the UK PoA was not recognised by the Spanish legal system, therefore I contacted many local law practices to see if they could provide a service to organise and implement a PoA recognised by the Spanish legal system. To my surprise, none could provide such a service.

Indeed, my search extended nationwide, and contacted many companies that advertised such facilities, but on making initial contact they either stated they no-longer perform such servicers, or simply weren’t prepared to undertake this task on my behalf.

Finally, I came across JUDICARE and was put in direct contact with Peter Esders. Through Peter’s guidance and meticulous approach, an International PoA was tailored and compiled to accommodate my father’s situation; then was subsequently approved by a Notary in super-quick time.

With all obstacles removed, I’m in a position to place my father’s apartment on the market, as planned in May 2018. Again, for sure, I’ll be using JUDICARE to support this process because I’m confident they’ll deliver a Rolls-Royce service.

Paul Miller

Property Purchase in Cyprus

Thank you Judicare for all your help, support and input throughout the process of buying our dream home in Cyprus.

I am an Estate Agent in the UK so feel we fully appreciate the process can be a lengthy and frustrating one and given that this has been our first experience of buying overseas we were at times nervous and apprehensive with the process.

However, we have to put things into perspective and we have viewed, offered, secured and completed on our property in about 2 months!!! Unbelievably quick in comparison to back here in the UK. We have Judicare to thank for that. The team and partners in Cyprus (Andria & Stylianos) have been nothing short of fantastic throughout the purchase of our Tala holiday home. We had also been buying a previous property, but the transition to purchasing an entirely new property was faultless.

Communication overall was excellent, and we would highly recommend their services if you would like to buy a property whatever the country, in particularly Cyprus of course.

Andria answered emails quickly, and she often answered them out of working hours and kept us updated with how things were progressing.

We have been absolutely delighted with how things proceeded.

We are writing this testimonial from our Cyprus home and it was only 67 days after actually viewing the property!

We can't believe that we are 2,000 miles from our main home in UK, viewed the property after disappointment of the previous one, been on holiday, had Christmas, and New Year holiday celebrations and yet we're in - and we actually completed even sooner - just 53 days from viewing the property and it was ours!!.

We are absolutely over the moon that we managed to buy and own our own holiday place in Cyprus and thanks Judicare for all your help and wish you all the best for the future and Happy New Year for 2018 - thank you so much.

Ian & Mandy Charlesworth

Swiss Franc Mortgage Issue

We contacted Neil and the team at Judicare following a complete failure on our part to get the Bank of Cyprus [and previously Laiki Bank] to accept a valid claim to compensate us in respect of our Swiss Franc mortgage. It was apparent from the first conversation that this was not an unusual situation for the Judicare team and they delivered a plan of action that was simple and easy for us to follow. Throughout the period of intransigence by the lender Judicare kept us involved personally and at each stage of correspondence with the bank provided an assessment of the options and guidance around the implications of each choice.

When it came to actually processing the paperwork, again the advice was clear, easy to follow and pragmatic and we were able to sign all the papers here in the UK and deliver the various documents back to Cyprus via courier. The matters at this point were then rapidly concluded and a full and final resolution reached quickly with the bank.

We would have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Judicare, they have offered professional, timely and cost effective advice throughout the process and enabled us to resolve something very important to us, with the minimum of fuss or drama.

John Taylor

Property Legal Action in Cyprus

Two years ago we reached the point with our property in Cyprus that we were facing legal action with the bank. We didn’t know how to deal with this situation and researched online to try to find a solution.

Fortunately, we found Neil Heaney at Judicare. The situation with the property had become unmanageable and we were unable to reach an agreement with the bank ourselves. Neil took charge of the situation and we were able to hand over all the legal documents and correspondence to Judicare’s team of lawyers in Cyprus.

During the two years that it’s taken to reach an agreeable solution with the bank we have found Judicare’s advice to be reassuring, consistent and customer focused. Although it took two years to finally conclude the case we couldn’t have done it without their help and guidance.

We have no hesitation to highly recommend the Judicare Group to anyone who has a foreign property problem as they will do their very best to find the best solution for you. So a massive thank you to Neil, Christos, Stylianos and the whole team in the UK and in Cyprus.

M. Reeves

Timeshare Problem Tenerife

I am more than happy to recommend JUDICARE after my dealings with them regarding my timeshare.

I had bought a timeshare in Tenerife quite a few years back but they were continually putting up the management fees and then asking for even more money for additional refurbishment.

The timeshare had also changed owners from the original ones. Although I told the timeshare owners I would not be paying anymore extortionate fees, I still received demands.

I contacted JUDICARE and with Peter Esders continual help, advice and assistance, their legal department in Tenerife sent the required legal letters to the timeshare owners.

The owners then still sent a court judgement for over £12000 to be paid forthwith. Again Peter sorted this out immediately and the judgement dropped.

Some time afterwards the timeshare owners then sent me an agreement to sign back the timeshare to them, at no cost to me. Again after taking advice from Peter at JUDICARE and me adding some text to the agreement as advised, it was sent back to the owners and it has brought the matter to a close. I am grateful for the way in which JUDICARE have helped me through this and now I don’t have the worry of management fees etc., being paid by myself or my family for years to come.

Keith Ball

Bank of Cyprus Repossession - Judicare saved my life as I know it!

Judicare saved my life as I know it. Before I found them, I was wondering how I was going to tell my wife that one signature I signed in 2004 was quite likely going to cost us everything that we had worked hard to build, repossessed by the Bank of Cyprus.

It has taken Judicare over a year to sort out this life changing problem I created. At every moment Judicare have been professional, never promising something they couldn’t deliver but always supportive, it’s been a slow progress becauseof the banks stance, but always progress at every move. Neil has a calming way about him, very knowledgeable and within a few moments of our first contact I knew he and his firm would be the people to engage to help me sort out the mess I was in. We have now removed the threat to our UK assets from the existing Judgements from the courts in Cyprus against me which were in excess of €880,000 and have been able to draw the matter to a close with a one off payment to the bank of less than 5% of the monies owed.

Judicare you came through for me, thank you for saving my future and my marriage, I can’t thank you enough. If you are reading this as a client in need of help abroad then don’t hesitate, Judicare are the firm you need to use.

Brian Schofield

Problem with Timeshare Firm

My wife and I are in our eighties and were being pestered by a Time share firm who were not prepared to allow us to release our interest in their time share property. We were getting threats from Debit collecting agents for rent beyond the date we informed the Time share firm that we had released our interest.

For a very modest fee Peter Esders acted as our agent and responded to all the claims for money by the Time share firm and the Debt collecting agents.

Peter gave a full explanation of our legal position and the actions taken by him to refute the claims for money over a period of about 3 years.

Finally the Time share firm offered to cancel our contract with them if we signed a statement agreeing we had no claim on them. Peter advised us to sign the statement with the addition of a clause which acknowledged that the Time share firm had no claim for money from us.

Peter has been sympathetic and reassuring at all times. He has always been prompt in responding to our enquiries took any necessary action equally promptly.

D I & J White

Property ownership in Cyprus

Me and my Parents just wanted to say how happy we are to have appointed Judicare to help us resolve a matter we had with our property in Cyprus, the result was very good for us in the end.

One thing I liked was that anytime we had a question it was always answered and they always kept me informed every step of the way.

We found the experience so much easier having Judicare working on our case as I had no doubt they would do the utmost to get the best result for us.

I would recommend Judicare to people who need any help involving a property abroad.

Abbie Dymond

Portugal Inheritance Fund

My aunt in Portugal had passed away and left some inheritance to my sister and I. We felt overwhelmed and had no idea where to start. Being in another country and having no idea on Portuguese law was a very daunting thought.

I found Judicare online and having read what they could offer, felt the team were our best option and could help resolve our predicament.

Once I had spoken to Peter at Judicare, suddenly everything seemed so much clearer and the mountain I thought we had to climb, was becoming a mound.

We were updated at every stage, lawyers in Portugal were instructed on our behalf and dealt directly with my aunt's lawyer.

My sister and I would like to thank the team at Judicare, in particular Peter, for their efficient dealings on our case.

I would recommend Judicare without hesitation.

Miss Goodall

Spanish Property Acquisition

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all at Judicare for all their dedication, guidance and advice during a very difficult time for us.

It was 2 years ago Judicare were recommended to us by a trusted friend after experiencing great difficulty and trauma with regards to the acquisition of a Spanish property.

It wasn’t until the file was examined by Judicare that is was discovered we might have a claim for professional negligence with regards to the initial legal advice we had been given towards the purchase.

Due to the professionalism and attention to detail shown by Judicare we have been able to successfully recover £140K which was most of the outlay we paid out on this project following mediation with the parties involved.

I would strongly recommend that should anyone find themselves in a similar position to us or indeed are thinking of purchasing property abroad that they contact Judicare for their advice and expertise in this field.

On a personal note thank you for your understanding and patience with us over the last 2 years. We will be eternally grateful.

Keith & Julie Waygh

Spanish Property Investment

We originally invested in an off-plan property in Calpe, Southern Spain back in 2006 which was to be a long term investment for us to enjoy. Having paid the initial deposit to the developer in Spain we proceeded to sign our sale contract and looked forward to watching the property be built and one day become ours. What should have been an enjoyable experience and dream actually turned out to be almost a decade long nightmare and fight through the Spanish legal system.

The property never became ours and after instructing(and paying) various Spanish law firms over the early years of our fight to take up our case and having been continually let down by those lawyers in Spain we had virtually given up on both the Spanish legal system and trust in any lawyers to fight for us.

We were introduced to Judicare in early 2013 who looked at our case at no cost initially and began to piece together what had happened over time and how we should now approach the case. We were sceptical at first that this was simply another legal firm telling us we had a strong case and we should fight on.

We did not want to give up and so we took the decision to give things one more try with Judicare.

After instructing Judicare things seemed to progress relatively quickly through the various legal stages of our case in the Spanish Courts and in recent days – via an out-of-court settlement with the developer in Spain – I am delighted to confirm I have now received a large portion of the original investment back into my UK accounts.

Looking back on the whole situation now, I wish I had found Judicare earlier, in fact I think if they had been involved in the original purchase process we probably would not have found ourselves with the problems we did.

Having a UK based legal firm to talk through my worries and concerns of a court case in a foreign country was a real comfort and I am so thankful for their service, their constant reassurance, but overall their expertise in dealing with the case and the Spanish legal system.

My warmest thanks to the whole team in England and in Spain for everything they have done.

Mrs Janet Lea

Property Purchase Cape Verde

It was our first time purchasing a property abroad in Cape Verde. This was a big challenge for us to undertake and we felt overwhelmed in dealing with the complexities of such a purchase.

On searching for specialist help for properties abroad we came across Judicare that was highly recommended on 'A Place In the Sun' website.

What we thought would be a complicated and time consuming matter turned out to be a smooth transition and hassle free. Judicare guided us through the process efficiently and professionally and gave clear instructions making it simple and straight forward to understand and simplify the legal terms. Judicare also kept us informed at every stage providing updates according to changes and gave us realistic timescales. We were impressed that all deadlines advised were met and exceeded our expectations. I am very grateful for all that Judicare has done and thank the team for their hard work over the past few months.

Their knowledge, expertise and access to contacts in Portugal gave us confidence and made the whole purchase process stress free. We would highly recommend Judicare's services to anyone seeking to purchase abroad and we would not hesitate to use them in the future.

Mr & Mrs Alvarez

We spoke with Kirsty this morning and gave her our banking details and, hopefully, the money should be in my husband's banking account either to-day or tomorrow. We could not inform you earlier, as we had a doctor's appointment.

However, we both want to thank you immensely for your time, patience and expertise, without which this result would never have been the outcome.

It has been an extremely stressful time for both of us, but you have always steered us in the right direction and we just cannot thank you enough.

Again, very many thanks for all you have done on our behalf.

Dorothy & Robert Hoey

Property Investment in UAE

In 2008 my wife and I purchased 2 apartments Off-Plan at Al Marjan Island in the Emirate of Ras al Khaimah, UAE. It was our misfortune to decide to purchase at La Hoya Bay a development marketed by Khoie Properties. This was not our first foray into the UAE property market so we felt we were quite savvy. Long story short, this man had dreams and aspirations well beyond his ability to deliver. During the World financial crash of 2008 the UAE property bubble burst and Frank Khoie – who had only been able to keep his dream alive during the good times when property prices were rising at completely unsustainable rates – was left exposed and unable to deliver the project. We decided to take charge of our own destiny in order to rescue our investment. We’d paid 50% of the price on one apartment and 30% on the other. Along with several other investors we began to look for legal means to recover our money. That’s the point at which we met Neil Heaney and Judicare and so the legal journey began under Neil’s careful guidance. Judicare, having noted that the legal process which would be conducted entirely in Arabic, wisely decided to appoint their Partner law firm in the UAE to steer us through the maze of local requirements. After document preparation – all documents had to be translated into Arabic – we encountered a lengthy Arbitration process, and once successfully through that we then needed to have our Arbitration Award enforced by the Courts of Ras al Khaimah. Even after our Awards were enforced we still had to reach the finishing post – and extricate our cash from the process. This meant seizure of assets through the Courts – in this case the land on which the development was to be built – and then the assets had to be auctioned, in a market where there were by now few buyers. Even at the point when the land was finally sold – there was another twist to the story – which ensured we remained estranged from our savings for a little longer. We however finally received all of our money back a few weeks ago.

Overseas property disputes can be confusing and complicated. Legal proceedings may take place in a language which you don’t understand and some principles of property Ownership may be quite different to UK property law. Additionally the legal system in the jurisdiction where the action needs to take place may not be as developed or reliable as the systems we know and trust to be fair in Northern Europe. Expert help is required – you cannot enter into this kind of process alone and reasonably expect to succeed. Neil Heaney and Judicare – along with their appointed UAE law firm – were able to guide us through the maze – which incidentally took six years to negotiate – and come up trumps, with the best possible result, our investment returned – at the end. We can’t thank Neil enough and would commend the services of Judicare to anyone considering enforcing their property rights overseas.

Roy Dance

Property Purchase in Cyprus

We purchased a Property In Cyprus. A dream that soon became a nightmare. It became clear that repayments and structure of the loan provided were somewhat dubious. We had felt we had been a little naive to say the least with the way that legal services and advice were provided during the course of the purchase. We appeared to have nowhere to go, except to continue paying astronomical interest rates and added costs that were continually mounting. Things had become untenable.

A little desperate and confused thankfully we managed to be put in contact with the legal services of a company known as Judicare. We attended a seminar and met with the CEO Mr. Neil Heaney. In attendance were professional legal representatives from Cyprus who provided us with local Cypriot knowledge of how things should have been structured. We were immediately given hope that the legalities of the purchase were not as they should have been and that we had a strong case against the bank for the way things were structured and sold to us.

With the help of Neil and his company we finally managed to secure a deal with the bank that allowed us to settle with all parties in agreement.

Thanks to the professionalism of Neil and his company we always felt like we had an ally. Always supported with someone to keep us updated as proceeding progressed. We felt assured throughout the process, at a time that was proving to be extremely stressful and difficult, Neil was always there to reassure us without reservation. They have been honest and truthful throughout, never giving us false hope or promise just telling us as it was and the best way to proceed.

I can honestly say that without Neil’s commitment to us as clients, his professional, honest and empathetic approach, together with his knowledge of the case I am not sure things would have been as smooth and successful as they have proved to be.

Steve Hallahan

Timeshare Problem Spain

I am very pleased to have employed the services of Judicare to help with a large and complicated timeshare problem that had developed over a number of years as they have not only managed to cancel all the contracts but also taken away a huge amount of stress that the issue brought with it.

Unfortunately I found myself in a situation where myself and my late husband had signed up for multiple timeshare contracts. It seemed like everybody whom we trusted to get us out of the previous contracts simply signed us up for something else and the problem grew. The number of cold calls were increasing, along with the pressure tactics used by many of these timeshare companies. I simply did not know where to turn and the whole situation was very stressful. Peter Esders from Judicare very quickly worked his way through the documentation and identified the exact situation and separated the companies that I didn’t need to worry about from the ones that needed more work to resolve. He did so in a calm and reassuring manner which was sympathetic to the stress that I was clearly under at the time following my husband’s death, I simply could not have managed to go on like this.

Since Judicare cancelled the timeshare contracts for me the problem has gone away. I no longer receive calls from these companies and am no longer pressured to pay the huge maintenance fee requests that I was receiving. I am so relieved to be able to put this problem behind me and would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Judicare, in fact I would go so far in to say that their services were absolutely invaluable – in particular Peter Esders whose knowledge of the Spanish judicial system was second to none.   Judicare was the best thing to happen to me in this whole timeshare saga.

Juliet Abbott

Property Purchase Mallorca

At the best of times, buying property can be a stressful and sometimes eventful process. Upon deciding in 2014 to purchase a property in Mallorca, of paramount importance was to ensure that we were properly advised at all points along the process. My research took me to Judicare who were associated with the ‘A Place in the Sun” programme and had presented at a number of exhibitions on the subject of buying property abroad.
Having done my own layman research into the process and potential pitfalls, I contacted Peter Esders at Judicare and felt immediately confident that he would guide us through the process and ensure that our interests were always protected.
During the following 18 months (the property was a new-build off-plan purchase) I had need to either email or speak to Peter on numerous occasions. Without fail Peter would either be available or call back without delay and address whatever the issue of the day was in a prompt and efficient manner. His advice on various matters along the way was invaluable and embodied a great deal of wisdom, earned no doubt from hard won experience over the years.
We completed during July 2015 and the process could not have been smoother. Peter ensured that everything was in place for us to arrive at the offices of the Notary at the duly appointed time, sign on the dotted line and pick up the keys. We now have a superb apartment in an idyllic part of Mallorca and still very few grey hairs !
If you are considering buying abroad I would look no further than Judicare to guide you through the experience. Thank You Peter.

David Sammons

Selling Property in Spain

Throughout the sale of our Spanish house, the service provided by Judicare was first class. Peter is knowledgeable, extremely professional and nothing was ever too much trouble. After a couple of false starts, prior to engaging Judicare, it was a pleasure to work with a professional who made the sales process appear effortless.

I would have no hesitation in recommending, and indeed in using Judicare in the future, their service exceeded my expectations by a long mile.

Karen Stanbridge

Buying Property in Southern Spain

Having decided to retire early and move to Spain permanently, we quickly realised after extensive web research that buying in Andalusia, Southern Spain was going to be challenging to say the least!

The volume of properties on the market, the estate agents, the legalities and the horror stories, the language……it made us uncomfortable. We contacted Judicare and spoke to Peter Esders and realised straight away that we did not need to look anywhere else. Instructing Judicare with Peter’s professionalism, advice and guidance throughout the whole process of buying has been without a doubt the best decision we could have made.

We are now in our dream home and it’s all we could have wished for and more but it has not been a smooth journey. Along the way Judicare discovered that parts of the property were illegal and it has taken 8 months to get here and we can’t thank Peter enough for being so calm and reassuring at times of need.

Instruct Judicare before you progress with any purchase. Peter & Judicare made our dream come true with their expertise.

Mr & Mrs Henderson

Investment Property Cape Verde

I am a qualified and practising Chartered Surveyor in the United Kingdom. I embarked upon a purchase of an investment property in Cape Verde.

The development completed, however the unit I was buying had major changes in terms of layout and position which was totally contrary to the original plan.

I got in touch with Neil Heaney, the C.E.O. of Judicare who has assisted me in obtaining a return of my invested funds related to the unit that I had purchased from plan.

It is difficult enough to resolve problems in the UK; however it is even more difficult when you are dealing with a legal system in a country such as Cape Verde.

Neil and his team guided me through the whole process and provided me with a first class service. I would recommend their service to anyone who is experiencing similar problems in a foreign country.

George Robinson - BSc, MRICS, MARLA

Portuguese Lawyers

Without the help and care of the Judicare Group and their Portuguese attorneys Nuno Rua and Denitza Panayotova I would have been bullied into signing documents which I had no idea of what I was signing, nor what repercussions I would entail in the months and years ahead. Your Firm very competently took over my huge stress, in undertaking to get what I was due from the Resort Developer in Cape Verde.

In the first instance I did not think there would be any chance of retrieving what was looking like a bad investment. However Judicare stepped in and step by step managed to get a good settlement for me.

J Auger

Property Development UAE

I was a single investor out of a group of over 700 investors that wished to contest my contract against an errant developer in the United Arab Emirates. The contractual delivery date for my apartment was December 2009 and the original sales purchase agreement was signed in June 2008 when the deposit was paid. In March 2011, after many questions to the "ever hopeful but never delivers" developer, I decided enough was enough, I didn't see the developer was ever going to deliver.

I contacted Judicare and we discussed what I could do to return my money. Judicare were immediately very professional, succinct and sure of the route I should take to challenge the developer through the legal system in the UAE. The confidence Judicare’s team displayed led me to contact other investors to join the process and take the developer to task giving us a greater chance of success as the momentum would be greater. The group developed over a period of time and became a force as the case advanced with Judicare and their legal UAE partner Motei Associates. Together as a group of investors, advisors (Judicare) and local UAE legal team (Motei Associates) we designed a process to take the developer to task.

Judicare were central to the development process and drove us in the right direction at every turn, we could not have wished for a better team of people to guide us. Their partner, Motei Associates, who had to be an integral part of the process due to the complexities of the legal Arbitration system in the UAE, were no less than sublime!

We have now received judgements from the UAE Arbitration system that has returned a decision in our favour. We have received a full refund of monies we had paid to the developer, full refund of arbitration costs, 12% damages award and other interest charge awards for the period the final payment from the developer remained unpaid from the date of original award.

From an investment that started in June 2008 with the errant developer to July 2013 is just over 5 years. I began to think my investment was lost. Thanks to Judicare and their excellent partner network in the UAE, we came through. To Neil plus the unseen back room Judicare and Motei team, we thank you for your ultra professional attention, approach and support. There is no doubt we couldn't have done it without you!

Geoff Land

Dispute with Spanish Property Developer and Builder

My wife and I would like to thank the Judicare team who were instrumental in recovering some of the monies that were due to us after we were caught up in a dispute between the developer and builder. Previously, we had used two different lawyers in Spain who did very little. Things started moving once Judicare got involved and began the legal process. It was good to deal with a team of people whom we could communicate with and who were available whenever we needed to talk to them!

At first the developer offered to pay us back 63% of the deposit over a staggered period. They subsequently filed for bankruptcy and then offered to refund 50% of the deposit immediately or accept the staggered payments. Judicare advised us on the best course of action given the dire economic situation in Spain and we recovered €80,000.

Throughout the process Laura Quintillan and Neil Heaney have been very helpful and diligent even right down to arranging the POA through the Spanish Consulate in London.

They are now helping us to resolve a contract relating to another Spanish property we have invested in.

We are very happy with the service Judicare has provided and have no hesitation in recommending them to others in similar situations.

Yaso Gunawardana

Spanish Property Purchase

On behalf of Bernadette and myself, I would like to say a big 'Thank You' For the work that has been carried out by Judicare so far, by retrieving 80% of the initial deposits paid by us in 2004.

Although the more difficult part of the work is still to come, it has come as a great relief after all this time, to finally have some of our monies returned. Even though we were assured that this was going to happen, it still came as a huge relief after all this time that the monies have finally been returned - €112,000.

Can you please pass on our thanks to all the individuals at Judicare, who have helped out during this process, and also in advance for the work still to be done. I feel we have been kept in touch with what has been going on and where we were up too, during the various stages of the ongoing process.

This process has been a long and ongoing ordeal since matters were not going as planned in Spain from approx 2006 with our previous solicitors. In fact, with them, things went from bad to worse until aprox 2010/11. I am sure with your experience in this field of work that you can understand how much worry and stress this has caused our family, not to mention the financial difficulties it has also caused during this time.

From the above time period, to present day, we have been represented by your company, 'Judicare', and even from the very early outset, you could see how badly the work had been carried out by our previous solicitors. (Just as well I had kept all corrospondence/e-mails). From the very start, we felt that we could finally see some light at the end of the tunnel, culminating in the return of some of our funds in 2012. I am sure you can understand what a relief this was. I can honestly say that this has been the most stress free christmas that we have had in a very long time....and for this...we thank you for making this possible !

I am sure you can understand we hope the next part of the process goes just as wel and according to plan!

From both Bernadette and myself, We hope you have all had a very merry christmas, and send you our best wishes for the new year, in 2013.

With our best wishes and sincere thanks....

Peter and Bernadette Mountaine

We have been long standing clients of Judicare for many years and so they were the natural choice to take on our case. Their tenacity and willingness to take on Santander was admirable and we are delighted to report that this stance will now see the quashing of this €200,000 claim. We would like to thank the complete Judicare team and in particular Laura Quintillán for her performances in court.

We have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone encountering issues such as ours.

Miss. Patricia Georgiou

Spanish Property Development

I would like to thank everyone at Judicare for their assistance in retrieving my monies from the developers in Spain.

The whole process was carried out with the minimum of fuss and as quick as could be expected given the circumstances and I would have no hesitation in recommending Judicare to others in the same position.

Michael Flynn

Buying Property in Bulgaria

I must admit that such an option had never occurred to me to be a possibility and with the help of Judicare I have been able to realise my apartment for in effect 50% of its value which will now allow me to find a tenant or buyer in the near future, and potentially see me receive more income or money from the sale than I had originally hoped for.

I wanted to thank Judicare and their Bulgarian lawyers for closing such a deal and for their continued support in assisting me in renting and selling the unit; an additional service over and above their instruction which is a real comfort.

I would highly recommend other buyers encountering issues abroad (and in particular Bulgaria) to seek their considerable expertise in this area.

Vadym Dvorakovsky

Villa Purchase in Spain

Back in 2009 my wife and I decided to purchase an off-plan villa in Southern Spain. Having researched the market we proceeded to place a deposit on a villa in an area we were familiar with due to a family relative being quite close by. Everything seemed at first to progress and we were excited at the prospect of owning and spending time in Spain.

However as time passed the build seemed to stall and we began to encounter problems and eventually became suspicious that relevant licenses might not be in place as had been indicated. After contacting Judicare they assessed the situation quickly and regrettably confirmed that the licenses were absent along with the legally required bank guarantee for our deposit. We proceeded to make a claim concerning the irregularities and were delighted to receive the positive news from Judicare that they had indeed succeeded in winning our case to have all of our original deposit plus interest and legal fees of almost €50,000 returned to us and we just wanted to express our gratitude and thanks to the whole legal team for all their hard work these past few years.

Mr & Mrs. Peacock

Apartment Completion Dubai

Following the successful resolution of our problems and subsequent completion and handover of our apartment in Dubai, I wanted to write and thank you, on behalf of myself and wife Angie, for the excellent service you provided in achieving this. Not only did you provide expert knowledge and advice but the professionalism and dedication to the cause, even working on a Sunday and out of hours, was most impressive.

We would have no hesitation in using your services again and would highly recommend you to anyone who found themselves in a similar situation.

Once again, many thanks Judicare for all your hard work!

Mr & Mrs Williams

Property Development in Murcia

In early 2007 my wife and I put down a sizeable deposit to reserve a two bedroom apartment on a new golf and country club development in Murcia, Spain that was due to be completed in late 2008. Following the downturn in the Spanish property market and numerous delays by the developer we became concerned about their intent and ability to complete the development and decided to engage the services of Judicare to retrieve our deposit monies.

Judicare worked swiftly and efficiently on our case and quickly discovered that planning consent on our apartment had lapsed and also that the developer was considering going into voluntary liquidation. Judicare submitted our case to the courts for the retrieval of our money and quickly received an offer from the developer for an out of court settlement. Having negotiated a significant increase in the offer from the developer Judicare were successful retrieving the majority of the money we had invested and we were delighted with outcome set against the current difficult economic conditions.

At all times Judicare kept us informed, provided considered and sensible advice and we would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.

Mr. & Mrs. Woodcock

Property Investment Cape Verde

Back in 2008 I invested in a two bedroom apartment in Cape Verde; it appeared to be a sound investment at the time.

The completion of the construction was written in the contract to be 2010 with a 180 days grace period.

The construction on this site did not start until late 2010 and it became obvious that the completion date and grace period was going to elapse. Despite this I was still being asked to meet my payment stages and felt that this was unfair. I could not understand how they could change their part of the agreement, but I still was being put under a lot of pressure to meet my payments even though completion of my apartment wasn’t going to be 2013.

At this point I didn’t know where to turn I had already paid out £34,000. I tried contacting the Law Society to no joy and didn’t know what to do next. Then a friend put me in touch with Neil Heaney of Judicare and it was a relief that there was a company out there that dealt with overseas investment and understood my situation.

Once they agreed to take on my case they kept me informed at every stage of the process and explained everything in layman’s terms keeping what was already an anxious time in perspective and easy to understand.

To my great relief I received the call that I had be waiting for to tell me that Judicare had successfully negotiated a settlement of my full investment plus interest. I just what to say a big thank you to Neil and the whole Judicare team for all the hard work and support over the last 2 years.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Judicare to anyone in the same situation.

Mr. Powell

Purchasing Property in Cape Verde

After contacting various companies about the situation we found ourselves in whilst purchasing a property in Cape Verde, we found that unlike other companies Judicare did not request any up front fee. They were happy to review our contract and offer appropriate advice on how the matter could be resolved and did not make any unrealistic promises. Once we had decided on our way forward they handled matters professionally and brought our case to a satisfactory conclusion.

I gave them all the documentation and information they required to challenge the developer in court. We are thrilled to have just received the sentence passed down by the judge in court which will see us receive back all of our original investment of over 250,000€ plus the legal fees and lost interest.

I was very pleased to receive the phone call from Judicare in recent days to tell me that we had won the case and the outcome.

I cannot speak highly enough of Judicare and their team and I am grateful for all of the hard work they have put in.

Michael Joseph

Property Investment Opportunity in Spain

Iinvested a substantial amount of money back in 2008 along with my then business partner for a property investment opportunity in Spain. We had felt quite protected if anything was to go wrong as we had obtained at the time a bank surety for our deposited monies which in the event of default by the builder would see us able to cash in the guarantee, and achieve a refund; the guarantee was in my partner’s name only.

During subsequent years the relationship with my partner had been dissolved and regrettably the development began to encounter problems which were so severe that the project was halted, leaving me in a precarious predicament with no recognised standing within the bank surety.

Having known Judicare for many years they were the obvious choice for me to turn to for advice. The team at Judicare have fought tirelessly on my behalf and even managed to petition the bank to alter the guarantee so it was fairly divided between my previous partner and I (upon proofs of relevant payments made by myself); a highly unusual occurrence I now realise.
I’m now in possession of the cheque for my portion of the deposit which I will be cashing in the coming weeks, drawing the whole saga to a very satisfactory conclusion both for me and my previous partner.

The perfect result!

I have nothing but praise for the diligences shown by Judicare and their team.

Dave Connelly

Saved from a Scam

After falling victims to a scam in Spain in April 2007 my wife and I found ourselves out of pocket to the tune of £48,000. Following many unsuccessful attempts by various companies we were lucky enough to be given the name of Judicare.

We called into their offices the next time we were in Tenerife and placed all of the information in their hands and to our amazement they have since recovered every penny for us.

We had all but written the money off and we wanted to express our most sincere thanks and deepest gratitude to Stella Franchi and all of the Judicare staff for their efforts on our behalf getting the job done very professionally where so many others had failed miserably.

Yours gratefully

Derek and Heather Dunn

Property Investment in Tenerife

Approximately 3 years ago, my wife and I put a deposit down on an 'off plan' apartment in Tenerife, the deposit was protected by a Bank Guarantee/Insurance. We thought that we were totally protected against default by the builder. After the proposed completion date of the apartment came and went my wife and I were not unduly concerned because we had the Bank Guarantee for our deposit to be returned. However, after numerous phone calls to the builders, we were told that they were not in any position to give back any of our deposit and if we used the Bank Guarantee, our deposit could take up to 5 years to get back. Not knowing what to do we were introduced to Neil Heaney from Judicare. After a first consultation with Neil we were reassured that there was no problem whatsoever and that they would have our deposit back within a year. Only 8 months later we are now in possession of our full deposit plus interest.

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank Neil, and all the Judicare team for their efficiency. We found Judicare very contactable, all of our emails and telephone calls were answered promptly and professionally.

So we would like to 'Thank' Judicare very much for making a really horrible time much less stressful.

With best wishes

Paul and Marie Norman

Property Purchase in Murcia

My wife Debbie and I entered into an agreement to purchase a property near Murcia in 2006 – We made various stage payments and in 2008 the Building Company involved decided not to pursue the project .We tried for a long time to recover some of our money but without success .The agents who sold us the property in the first place were very unhelpful .We then contacted a company in the UK who insisted we paid them another sum of money in advance of the work – We found them to be only interested in receiving monies from us without doing much work.

Thankfully through our dealings with this company we came across Judicare and were very impressed when we first spoke with them .We decided then to deal with them alone and they have worked tirelessly on our behalf. I may have been a little demanding at times but Judicare and Stella and Claudia in particular have been absolutely brilliant throughout the process .We have now received our monies and we cannot thank them enough. I cannot recommend them highly enough .They have been very efficient and totally honest throughout the process putting up with our impatience.

Thank you Judicare

Best regards

Ralph and Debbie Brill from Hertfordshire