International Legal Services

Laws vary significantly between different counties, so it would be a mistake to assume that what you know about UK property law and related issues applies in other jurisdictions. When carrying out any kind of personal business abroad, getting specialist legal advice for the country you are dealing with is always recommended to make sure you stay protected.

Whether you need help dealing with international property or have run into any kind of related legal problem abroad, our international legal team will be able to offer you truly tailored advice whilst ensuring a value for money approach.

We provide a complete multi-jurisdictional service specifically focused upon issues related to property, including buying and selling property all over the world, dealing with property disputes, and related issues such as foreign wills, inheritance and visa applications.

We can advise across many specialist areas of law for various foreign jurisdictions, including:

Buying a property abroad

We can help you to and safely buy property anywhere in the EU or around the world, including North Africa and the Middle East. Our international property law team can also advise you on issues such as local taxation and who to notify when moving into a foreign property.

Selling a property abroad

Our team can guide you through the whole process of selling property abroad, including arranging a power of attorney so you do not need to travel to finalise the sale and dealing with foreign property taxes.

International property disputes

If you have experienced a problem buying or selling property abroad, our experienced international property legal team can help get things back on track. We have expertise in a wide range of issues, including failure to receive a contract of sale, late delivery of funds, planning disputes and defunct developers.

Foreign mortgage problems

Getting a mortgage in the country where you wish to buy can sometimes be a good idea, but also introduces the potential for problems e.g. if currency exchange rates change significantly or other issues result in difficulties keeping on top of your repayments. We are highly experienced with these issues, including Cypriot mortgages taken out in Swiss Francs, so can give you clear, practical advice on the next steps you should take.

Timeshare Claims

Many people who have bought timeshares find that it is not all they hoped. Our team are very experienced in advising clients who have bought timeshares, including on the process for cancelling a timeshare. If you are considering buying a timeshare, we can advise on what this involves, the potential problems you may encounter and give you the guidance you need to help you get the right property on the right terms.

Foreign wills

When buying property abroad, it is really important to think about how this affects the issue of inheritance. In most cases, it is worth creating a new will in the country where you have bought property to sit alongside your UK will. This is because other countries often have very different inheritance rules and your UK will might not be sufficient to guarantee your foreign property is dealt with according to your wishes after you are gone. We can help you to create a foreign will that makes your wishes clear, giving you complete peace of mind.

Inheritance and Probate abroad

If you already own property abroad, we can offer seasoned advice on any inheritance issues you will need to consider, giving you a clear picture of how your foreign property is likely to be dealt with under local laws. We can then advise you on any steps you need to take, such as making a foreign will. We also regularly advise clients who have been left property abroad in a loved one’s will, so can help you deal with accepting an inheritance abroad and all of the legal implications and things you need to consider.

Obtaining a foreign Visa

Many countries, including Spain, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus, offer Golden Visa Schemes, where you can acquire a visa for you and your family if you invest more than a certain minimum amount in residential property in that country. Our team can advise you on how Golden Visa schemes work and guide you through the process of making the required property investment.

Our international legal advice pricing

We aim to keep our pricing transparent, so you can be clear exactly where your money is going.

For property transactions, we typically charge based on a percentage of the property value, subject to a minimum charge.

For other services, such as creating a foreign will, we can often agree a fixed price in advance, giving you certainty over the cost.

To find out more about our international legal fees, please take a look at our pricing or get in touch.

Why use Judicare for international legal services?

International legal expertise

Our international legal team are highly experienced in dealing with a range of legal issues including buying property, dealing with inheritance and Golden Visa applications across a number of jurisdictions, both within the EU and further afield.

UK-regulated solicitors

We are a UK-based firm of solicitors and as such are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), so you can be confident we always meet the highest legal standards.

Understanding of cross-jurisdiction legal issues

Our international legal experts understand how UK law interacts with the law in various foreign jurisdictions and any potential issues this can create for you. We have particular expertise in the way this affects property ownership, taxation and inheritance.

Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) membership

As AIPP members, we are committed to maintaining and improving standards of professionalism in the largely unregulated overseas property market.

We speak your language

As a UK Law Firm, we can explain even the most complicated legal issues and terms in plain English, so you can have complete confidence in the advice and services we offer.

Contact our international legal team

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