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Over 1 million Euros saved for clients in the first week of January

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It has been quite a start to the year as we have been successful in releasing clients from over 1 million Euros of foreign property Bank debt in multiple jurisdictions.

As a leading law firm in this specialised area, our significant experience gives our clients the comfort and confidence we can finally allow them to be free of their foreign Bank debts and any threats to their future.

French mortgage debt Claim completely struck out

This particular case saw our clients receive a threatening letter from a UK debt collection company pursuing a historic property debt on behalf of a Bank in France (BNP Paribas). After studying the documentation and applying the relevant case law in France, we established that the Claim against our clients was without merit. Within a very short period of time, we have been able to completely “strike out” the Claim of over £100,000 against our clients.

Spanish mortgage debt Claim completely struck out

This case involved our clients being contacted by a Fund (Axactor) a multinational debt buyer who had previously acquired significant numbers of mortgage loans from Spanish banks with a view to pursuing the recovery of these so called “bad debts”. Once again, after studying the documentation provided to our clients by Axactor, and applying the relevant Spanish legislation, we were successful in completely “striking out” the Claim of almost €300,000 being made against our client.

Cyprus Swiss Franc Mortgages written off

These cases are far more complex and will generally involve some aspect of litigation in the Cyprus Courts as Banks in Cyprus pursue clients in the UK who had previously taken out – or been advised to take out – loans in the Swiss Franc (CHF) denomination. The majority of clients have been in default of their loans for many years, and this increases significantly the “alleged” amounts owing to the Bank(s) in Cyprus. The two cases settled saw the Bank write off almost €300,000 on each case with the clients agreeing to pay to the Bank a one-off lump sum of €10,000 & €8,000 respectively. Relevant legal Actions will be withdrawn.

It’s important when looking for a firm to represent your interests and to negotiate with a foreign Bank on your behalf, that you look to engage a specialist, experienced and regulated firm of Solicitors. Here at Judicare we have decades of combined experience in dealing with Banks in foreign jurisdictions, and as a specialist firm of Solicitors, we have been able to negotiate over €40million of foreign Bank debt being successfully written off for our clients.

If you have received a legal Notice regarding a foreign property mortgage debt, or have fears you may soon receive a Notice, or would simply like more information on our fixed fee approach a member of our team will be happy to take your call on a confidential basis at 01438 840258 or via email to