Press Coverage 2016/15

23rd October 2015 - Mortage Introducer - Firm hosts SOS seminars for Cyprian buyers
26th August 2015 - OPP Today - Legal firm holding free seminars over Cypriot title deed moves
12th August 2015 - Everything Overseas - 20 property Pros share their best advice on buying abroad
30th July 2015 - What Mortgage - Buyers turn to rural properties Spanish market heats up
30th July 2015 - Your Money - Overseas property investment: key considerations
25th July 2015 - Homes & Travel - The Do’s And Don'ts Of Buying a Home Abroad Part 2
21st July 2015 - Anglo Info - European Union Inheritance Rule Changes
13th July 2015 - A Place in the Sun - Overseas wills - beware new regulations
08th July 2015 - Daily Express - Greek tragedy delivers stark home truths
07th July 2015 - Your Money - Top tips: How to buy property abroad
07th July 2015 - Homes & Travel - The Do’s And Don'ts Of Buying A Home Abroad Part 1
25th June 2015 - Money Wise - Buying a second home abroad - the pros and cons
19th June 2015 - Property Overseas Today - Confidence in the international property market is returning as a result of a weak Euro
11th June 2015 - A Place in the Sun - Is Cyprus a safe place to buy now?
05th June 2015 - This is Money - Everything you need to snap up your dream holiday home
14th April 2015 - Anglo Info - The Buying Process - Find out the steps involved 1) Buying a Property in Italy 2) The Process 3) The Potential Pitfalls
2nd April 2015 - OPP Today Cyprus bringing in new mediation process for struggling buyers
27th February 2015 - This is Money - Thousands of Britons lured by Cyprus property dream stung by Swiss franc mortgages - But legal fight means end is in sight
14th February 2015 - The Guardian - wrote about when buying a dream holiday becomes a nightmare in relation to Swiss Franc Mortgages in Cyprus
6th January 2015 - Homes Overseas - report on the rising trend of obtaining a Visa by buying property through a Government Golden Visa Scheme