Press Coverage Pre 2015

19th December 2014 - The Times report on our Love Affair with Cyprus and why people still wish to buy property there.
28th November 2014 - OPP Connect - Peter Esders from Judicare spoke at the annual overseas property industry trade show (OPP Live) organised by Overseas Property Professional magazine. Peter was on two panel presentations - one about what keeps Overseas Property Company CEOs awake at night and the other about Emigration and Golden Visas abroad and their effect on the overseas property market. Peter also gave a presentation on the Top Ten Mistakes that Estate Agents and Developers make. He gave the benefit of his 20 years in the industry to talk about the mistakes that agents and developers have made and continue to make in the overseas property market and also what they should do should they get it wrong. OPP Magazine reported on and summarised the presentation
21st November 2014 - Great Bar Observer - Landmark ruling against a United Arab Emirates-based developer, who failed to build a dream property
20th November 2014 - The Birmingham Mail - report on an IT consultant and his family having their dream of an idyllic life in the Gulf shattered
14th November 2014 - What House - reports on the things that you should ask your lawyer when buying property abroad
10th November 2014 - The Daily Mail This is Money - things that you need to think about to avoid getting stung when buying property abroad
15th October 2014 - Property Investor News - report on a case that we won for a client in the UAE in relation to the recovery of money invested into a development in the UAE that was not constructed Judicare Group secures ruling
9th October 2014 - Your Money - Neil Heaney discussed the top tips on how to buy property abroad
8th October 2014 - Homes Abroad - report on the questions that we think you should be asking your legal representatives when buying a property abroad Questions to ask your prospective legal representative
8th October 2014 - Property Abroad - report on the Judicare Top 10 tips for buying property abroad and the things that you should be thinking about when doing so. Top 10 Tips For buying property abroad
7th July 2016 – International adviser – UAE developer dealt legal blow
4th July 2014 - FT Adviser - report on Swiss Franc Mortgage and Cypriot property issue and how the offers from the banks are not as good as they initially appear and why we believe they should be rejected. Lawyers urge Cypriot property investors to reject offers
3rd July 2014 - Overseas Property Professional - report on how we are pursuing the Swiss Franc Mortgage issue in Cyprus through the Cypriot courts rather than settling and how a decision in the Court decided that our argument that the Power of Attorney was invalid and therefore any document signed with that Power of Attorney was also invalid. Cypriot banks settle with (some) British
1st July 2014 - Mortgage Introducer - report on the work that we are doing in relation to Swiss Franc Mortgages and properties in Cyprus. Legal firm to support overseas UK buyers in Cyprus
29th May 2014 - Simon Conn - Do you know what you are signing when Purchasing an overseas property?
25th April 2014 – The Guardian – Retirement or holiday home: hottest spots for buying a place in the sun
26 November 2013 - This is Money  - Our £139,000 home will be razed any day
8th August 2013 - Cyprus Property News - report that we had received provisional dates for Swiss Franc Mortgage cases in Cyprus
7th August 2013 - The Daily Mail - This is Money - reports on how we are challenging Swiss Franc Mortgages in Cyprus
7th August 2013 - The Lawyer - reported that we were taking a different approach to Swiss Franc Mortgage problems in Cyprus and recommended taking action through the Cypriot Courts Firms in forum battle over multi-million Cyprus holiday villa claims
6th August 2013 - What Mortgage - report on upcoming trials in relation to Swiss Franc Mortgages in Cyprus and our approach to such cases
2nd May 2013 -  Cyprus Property News - report on our feelings with regard to the restructuring of Swiss Franc Mortgages in relation to properties in Cyprus. Restructuring Cyprus loan agreements
31st May 2012 - A Place in The Sun - report that we are advising people who receive writs in relation to their Swiss Franc Mortgages in Cyprus not to ignore the writs. British owners being served writs by Cypriot banks ignore them at their peril
23rd October 2011 - The Independent - report on Neil Heaney, CEO of Judicare on how he is assisting people with their legal issues and problems with property abroad. Former footballer strikes a blow for overseas investors
17th August 2011 - Professional Adviser - reports on the partnership between FEIFA (Federation of European Independent Financial Advisers) and Judicare to assist clients with overseas property claims
16th August 2011 - International Adviser - report on how Judicare is partnering with FEIFA (Federation of European International Financial Advisers) to help clients in relation to financial claims on overseas property.
26th November 2010 - Sports Pro has an interview with Judicare CEO Neil Heaney on his football career and his new role helping people with legal issues abroad. Neil Heaney’s venture into foreign fields