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Judicare is very often contacted by people who have found themselves involved in Court  proceedings in Cyprus – whether as Plaintiffs or Defendants – asking whether we can find out at what  stage these Court proceedings are.

If these Court proceedings are handled in  Court in Cyprus by Barristers appointed by Judicare the task of finding out is easy as the requested  information is in their corresponding client’s file and an exchange of e-mails is all that is needed.

Things become somewhat more difficult  when the people requesting information are involved in  Court proceedings in which Judicare is not, through its appointed Barristers, representing them.

In view of the above Judicare has decided to assist all these people requesting information by setting up a service for people who want to find out where things stand with Court proceedings pending before the Courts in Cyprus, in which they are implicated.

It must be clarified that the provision of this service DOES NOT mean that Judicare takes over the handling of the case in Court.

The person requesting information may already have his or her own lawyer. The handling of the case in Court remains with him or her depending always on the decision of the person who appointed him or her.

In order that Judicare can assist potential clients as mentioned above the following two requirements must be satisfied.

(a) Provide a written authorization enabling the Barristers appointed by Judicare to carry out a search of the relevant Court file. (The exact wording can be provided by Judicare at request).

(b) Payment of a fixed fee of £700 +VAT - which represents the out of pocket expenses to be incurred plus the fees of the person who will be carrying out the relevant search in Court in Cyprus and for us then to provide the requested information.

Should you wish to understand the service above in more detail or discuss any concerns you may have at present related to current or potential court proceedings in Cyprus, we remain available and at your disposal.