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When buying on the Costa Del Sol in Spain, why choose Nerja?

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Where would make a good home in the Costa Del Sol?

Whilst in the area I caught up with Johan Eckerrvik a local estate agent in Nerja about the current market.

Nerja like many towns along this beautiful stretch of coastline started out as a small fishing and agricultural village. Boasting some of the most beautiful beaches, cliffs and coves in Spain, it has an average annual temperature of over 18 degrees Celsius, although in the hot summer months the mercury has even been known to get up to the 40-degree mark!  With a busy calendar of festivals, fantastic local cuisine and a largely Spanish population the town retains its’ authentic Spanish feel. 

So, with all of this going for it, I wanted to find out what property prices were like in Nerja and who was buying. I had a chat with Johan who works for the Swedish firm Fastighetsbyrån to find out more.

Video transcript

Jonathan Irwin: Today, I'm joined by Johan Eckervik, and you're a local estate agent of ... You'd better pronounce the name of your firm for me.

Johan Eckervik: Fastighetsbyrån.

Jonathan Irwin: That's a Swedish firm.

Johan Eckervik: Yes.

Jonathan Irwin: But you deal with buyers from ... Well, from all over Europe, yeah?

Johan Eckervik: All over Europe.

Jonathan Irwin: Okay. Obviously, Swedish buyers are your mainstays. Who else is buying here in Nerja at the moment?

Johan Eckervik: Britons.

Jonathan Irwin: Yeah.

Johan Eckervik: But in smaller number than before, I think.

Jonathan Irwin: Before the idea of Brexit.

Johan Eckervik: Than before ... Yes.

Johan Eckervik: Belgians. Germans. Norwegians.

Jonathan Irwin: What's attracting people to Nerja, then, as opposed to other parts of the Costa Del Sol?

Johan Eckervik: Well, actually, this is very genuine, this town. We don't have many skyscrapers or anything around.

Johan Eckervik: The nature here around is really beautiful, as well.

Jonathan Irwin: It feels very green. The mountains feel like they're part of the town. That's not to say that they haven't got good beaches here, though.

Johan Eckervik: No, they have fantastic beaches here.

Jonathan Irwin: I haven't seen a golf course for a number of miles now. You don't get many golfers here, then?

Johan Eckervik: No. I mean, that you have to drive about 20 kilometers to the nearest.

Jonathan Irwin: Okay. When you come to Malaga Airport, you turn right for all the golf, and you turn left for the nature. Is that a fair assumption?

Johan Eckervik: Well, I don't know if the people in Marbella would agree completely on that, but we say that here!

Jonathan Irwin: The type of buyer, they come to Nerja because they're more interested in the culture. Is it more Spanish here?  Do Spaniards still buy here?

Johan Eckervik: Oh, yes. This is mostly a Spanish town, still.

Jonathan Irwin: Okay. What's the market doing at the moment?

Johan Eckervik: Well, the market is actually well down from between say 2008 to 2014. But about 2015, there was a turnaround, and since then, they've been going up.

Jonathan Irwin: How much has it gone up, then? Are we too late, or are there still deals to be done?

Johan Eckervik: Well, I think it's gone up a little bit slower lately, because ... maybe Brexit is affecting that a little bit, and so forth. But it's still going up, definitely.

Jonathan Irwin: Okay. Looking around, there don't seem to be loads of small properties. If I'm looking for, let's say, a two-bedroom property with some outside space, or access to a swimming pool, what sort of budget do I need to have?

Johan Eckervik: Well, depending on where in Nerja, I would say between 200,000 to 350,000 Euros.

Jonathan Irwin: Okay. And proximity to the beach, I'd take it the price is going up?

Johan Eckervik: Well, normally, things go up the nearer the beach you get.

Jonathan Irwin: The Balcon de Europa here, that's a big draw to the area. What's it like at different times of year?

Johan Eckervik: Well, this town actually never dies down.

Jonathan Irwin: Really?

Johan Eckervik: It gets a little bit slower in the winter. Calmer.

Jonathan Irwin: Lastly, how cold does it get here in the winter?

Johan Eckervik: Well, I think the coldest day I experienced in five years time here was 11 degrees Celsius.

Jonathan Irwin: That's not so bad, is it?

Johan Eckervik: That's not so bad, is it?

Jonathan Irwin: And the hottest?

Johan Eckervik: 43 degrees. But that's very rare.

Jonathan Irwin: Okay. So, you can come here throughout the year.

Johan Eckervik: Oh, yes.

Jonathan Irwin: Okay, it may be a bit breezy, but there's still shops open, restaurants open-

Johan Eckervik: Yes.

Jonathan Irwin: ... and trade here?

Johan Eckervik: Yes, yes.

Jonathan Irwin: Johan, thank you very much for your time.

Johan Eckervik: Thank you!

Jonathan Irwin: Great to meet you.

Johan Eckervik: Great to meet you.


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