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Healthcare Abroad

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When you own a property abroad there may be times when you need access to healthcare.

Within Europe (at the current time of writing prior to the UK coming out of Europe as a result of the Brexit referendum) this is quite simple. If you are on holiday and need accident and emergency treatment this is covered under the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which replaced the old E111 system.

This entitles you to accident and emergency treatment within Europe just like if you were a national of that other country. 

However, some of the things that you are used to being covered may not be covered in that other country or there may be a requirement to pay for certain things that you are not normally expected to. Because of this it makes sense to take out additional travel insurance that will cover you for a wide variety of other issues.

Once the UK comes out of Europe we anticipate that a similar system will be put into place but we will not know this until it happens. If you are travelling outside of Europe you will need to take out travel insurance.

The situation if you are living in another country is slightly more complicated and will depend on your circumstances. Generally speaking if you are working in that country and paying your taxes then you will be entitled to the same healthcare as a national of that country.
Generally speaking that means that in European countries that you will have some level of free healthcare.

In countries such as the USA you will still need to take out healthcare insurance.

If you have retired abroad but are not yet of UK retirement age then normally you have to take out healthcare insurance no matter where you are resident.

If you have retired abroad and are of UK retirement age then within Europe at the moment (prior to Article 50 is invoked for Brexit) then you are entitled to the same healthcare as a national of that country. However, some of the things that you are used to being covered back home may not be covered abroad and therefore you may decide to take up top up insurance to make up the difference.

Outside Europe you will have to take out health insurance

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Disclaimer – International legal issues are a complex area of law and this information is no substitute for independent legal advice on an individual basis taking into consideration your personal circumstances and legal requirements. This information is provided to provide general information only and was correct at the time of publishing. The legal position in relation to international transactions can change frequently and this page may not have been updated following any changes in the law. You should therefore not rely on this information and should seek legal advice in relation to your personal circumstances.