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Niche Law Firm of the Year 2017

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We were delighted to recently receive the award for Niche Law firm of the year 2017 at the gala dinner of the annual Symphony Legal conference in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Symphony Legal are one of the UK's leading legal membership and consultancy networks.

Demonstrating strategic vision, a clear focus and success within our specialized area of work it was fantastic to be recognized by the judges for this category of work.

The event was a great opportunity to discuss all aspects of the legal sector with other law firms and a great dinner to round off the two day conference.

Judicare at Symphony Legal conference 2017

We continue to lead the way in jurisdictions such as Cyprus where we are currently representing hundreds of clients and addressing the many issues related to the way in which Cyprus banks previously granted foreign currency loans to purchasers of immoveable property.

We also continue to provide comprehensive conveyance services to purchasers of foreign property in multiple jurisdictions including – but not limited to – Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.