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Free Cyprus Seminar

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Birmingham City Football Club and Arsenal Football Club will again be the venues for the latest free seminars given by Judicare and their Cyprus Barristers for any concerned purchasers of immovable property in Cyprus, particularly in relation to Loans taken out by purchasers linked to the properties and their differences with the Developers of these properties.

The seminars attempt to explain in detail the circumstances surrounding these Loans, and the many legal failures of the majority of the parties instructed to protect the purchaser(s) in the transactions. Cyprus Seminar 2014

All of which, when combined, have resulted in thousands of British purchasers of immovable property in Cyprus facing unmanageable financial burdens and in extreme cases the very real prospect of their UK assets being placed at risk as they fail to maintain the loan repayments.

Free Cyprus seminar

Such failures have included;

  • Foreign currency loans (Swiss Franc) being granted without any of the risks associated with such loans being explained to purchasers.
  • Foreign currency loans being granted without any affordability checks being undertaken by the lending banks.
  • Powers of Attorneys being granted to Cyprus lawyers which do not meet the legal criteria governing such documents.
  • Loans being drawn down against properties yet to commence actual construction.
  • Powers of Attorney being used to enter clients into Loans without the purchaser ever being sent copies prior to the loans being signed by Lawyers acting under the Powers.

Depending on personal and individual objectives such scenarios as above may prove legal grounds with which to challenge the Cyprus banks towards the validity of loans and to seek the potential release from those loans.

A great many purchasers in the UK continue to be aggressively contacted by UK Debt collection companies, UK Law firms and by the Cyprus banks themselves in relation to their failures to meet the ever increasing nature of the loan repayments.

In addition, the Cyprus banks continue to issue legal proceedings against purchasers who are in default of the loan payments. The purchasers are served with Writs from Cyprus Courts at their UK homes which task them to appear in Cyprus Courts within stipulated timeframes, or risk judgments being granted in their absence in a Cyprus court should the service of the documents to them in the UK be deemed to be legally correct.

By demystifying certain procedures and also seeking to clarify much of the misinformation currently being circulated in the public domain clients attending the seminars will be able to understand what their options are and how to deal with the banks directly on the issues should they wish.

The seminars will be held at BCFC on Saturday 24th October and at AFC on Sunday 25th October.

If you would like to know more about the seminars, to register for attendance or would simply like to talk through your concerns, please feel free to contact us at or call for a no obligation consultation on 01438 840258