Christos M. Triantafyllides

Barrister at Law - Cyprus

MA, LLM, Barrister at Law

Christos was born in Nicosia, Cyprus on the 31st of August, 1953. Following the example of his family with remarkable legal tradition, Christos attended Lincoln College at Oxford University, UK and graduated with an M.A degree in Jurisprudence (Law). Furthermore, he studied at Gray’s Inn, UK and was awarded a Barrister-at- law recognition. Christos also conducted a second post graduate degree from University College at London University, UK.

Throughout the 36 years of experience, Christos has represented in Court a great variety of cases including serious Constitutional Law matters before the Supreme Court of Cyprus, criminal and civil cases.

His plethora of clients consists of individuals, local and international businesses, Regulatory Authorities, Semi-Government Organizations such as the Cyprus Tourism Organization and The Cypriot Parliament.

Simultaneously, Christos has served as a member of the Appeal Board of FIFA. He has been the President of the largest football club in Cyprus and the Cyprus Football Association. Furthermore, he has been appointed as a Board Member of the Cyprus Sports Organization by the Council of Ministers.

Currently, Christos serves as a member of the committee advising the President of the Republic in the intercommunal talks related to the “Cyprus Issue” and is also the legal advisor of the largest political party in Cyprus.

Christos is based in our Associated office in Nicosia.