Fabio J Guzmán Ariza

Abogado (Lawyer) - Dominican Republic

Fabio is one of the most respected and renowned lawyers in the Dominican Republic.

Fabio has assisted international corporations and individuals on Dominican legal issues for 37 years and is one of the most important authors and lecturers on the Dominican legal system. He has served extensively as an expert witness on Dominican law in the United States and Europe, submitting affidavits on Dominican legal issues or appearing personally before the courts for major clients such as General Motors and Chrysler Corporation. A moderator since 1998 of the DR1 Legal Forum, the oldest and most popular legal forum available on Dominican law. Fabio has chaired the panel organized to discuss and review the draft of a new Code of Civil Procedure of the Dominican Republic, drafted the final text of the proposed Civil Code of the Dominican Republic & drafted the final text of the Criminal Code of the Dominican Republic.

A Judge of the Tribunal Disciplinario del Colegio de Abogados de la República Dominicana (Disciplinary Court of the College of Lawyers of the Dominican Republic) — 1987. And Founder and president of the foundation supporting the Dominican Academy of Letters (Fundación Guzmán Ariza Pro Academia Dominicana de la Lengua).

Fabio is based on our Associated office in Santo Domingo