Peter Esders

Legal Director (UK)

Peter Esders is an English Solicitor who studied law in both the UK and Spain. He has dealt with the legal systems of many different countries but specialises in Spanish legal issues, particularly in relation to property, probate, litigation and timeshare issues. During his near quarter century dealing with international legal issues Peter has appeared on a wide range of media as an expert on overseas property including BBC News, BBC Watchdog, Overseas Property TV and numerous newspapers and magazines such as A Place In The Sun and the Law Society Probate Section magazine. Peter has also given hundreds of seminars throughout the world on the different legal aspects of purchasing property abroad and has also written a book on Starting a business in Spain. He regularly judges various overseas property awards and has also assisted three separate law firms win awards for Foreign Legal Services. He is the Deputy Chairman of the Association of International Property Professionals and a member of their disciplinary panel.