Property Disputes in France

Owning, managing, purchasing or selling property in France can become a source of stress, and involve spending considerable time and money, when a dispute arises.

English-speaking clients often find it difficult to obtain a clear, detailed picture of French law relevant to their dispute, or even  to give their legal advisers adequate instructions on the facts of the case without important matters being lost in translation.

At Judicare, we can give you advice – in English and in terms which are easy to understand – on questions of French law and procedure, and suggest a practical strategy for dealing with a dispute.

One of the most important things to be dealt with at the beginning of a dispute is to establish the facts. Judicare will take full instructions from you on the facts of the case and also make any enquiries of third parties on your behalf.

The French legal system has a very different approach to the use of evidence. Live witness evidence is not used, the courts relying essentially on correspondence and other documents, together with witness statements.

The gathering of evidence for French proceedings may also involve asking a bailiff to establish an independent report on certain factual matters, or asking the court to appoint an expert to look into and report on technical matters. We can advise you on how evidence relevant to your specific case should be prepared and whether an order of the court is necessary.

Judicare can help you in contentious property cases throughout France concerning:

  • failure to complete sales
  • concealed defects in property
  • boundary disputes
  • issues concerning deposits, payments, delays and construction problems relating to purchases off-plan
  • construction
  • property development and investments
  • commercial and residential leases
  • disputes arising out of co-ownership of property
  • issues arising out of ownership of property in flats and other properties in condominium (copropriété)
  • timeshare
  • difficulties with mortgage payments and actions brought by mortgage lenders for forced sales

We are able to represent you before the French courts at first instance and on appeal. We can assist and represent you in urgent or summary proceedings, and applications for pre-trial measures including orders for the freezing of assets.

Judicare is also able to assist you in negotiations, mediations and arbitrations relating to property matters in France.

If you would like to have an initial consultation or simply require more information on our legal services in France one of the team will be happy to take your call on a confidential basis at 01438 840258 or via email to