Inheritance Tax for Greek Property

For property located in Greece, Greek inheritance tax will apply.

The rate of the transfer tax depends on value of the property and the relationship between the deceased (the person who has died) and the beneficiary (the person inheriting).

Greek inheritance tax rates

From parents to children (including grandparents and grandchildren) and vice versa as well as between spouses,

  • For a value up to €150,000 - 0%
  • For a value up between €150,001—€300,000—1%
  • For a value between €300,001—€600,000—5%
  • For a value higher than €600,001—10%

For the spouses, when the marriage has lasted at least 5 years, and children under the age of 18, the tax-free amount is up to €300,000.

Between siblings and other close relatives

  • For a value up to €30,000—0%
  • For a value between €30,001—€100,000—5%
  • For a value between €100,001—€300,000—10%
  • For a value higher than €300,001—20%

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