Who to tell when you move into a property in Italy

Just like back home, when you buy a property in Italy there are various organisations, companies and official bodies you will need to contact to make sure all of the day-to-day issues involved in owning and living in your property are taken care of.

The following is a guide to some of the key people you need to contact to help you avoid any issues after you buy an Italian property.

Residents Association (Condominio)

If you are buying in a building or a complex then there will be a Community of Owners. We would need to make sure that all Community charges have been paid up to date before you buy.

Water and Electricity

Just like back home you will need to arrange to have the utilities and services in your name and often have to set up a direct debit at your Italian bank to pay the bills.

It is important to check that there is a connection and that the charges are paid up to date.

If you are buying a new property, we will need to check that the property has the appropriate Habitation Certificate which allows the services to be connected.

Land Registry (Agenzia del Territorio)

Almost all land and properties in Italy are now registered.

We would obtain a search at the local Land Registry for office copy entries (Visura) which will state who the registered owner is and whether there are any charges on the title.

Town Hall (Comune)

Checks should be made at the Town Hall to make sure that all Council Taxes (IUC) have been paid up to date. It is also possible, by means of a survey, to carry out Town Hall searches to discover if the property has the necessary building permit and complies with local planning and building regulations.

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