Obtaining a Spanish Golden Visa

If your application for the Golden Visa scheme is successful, you will be entitled to become a resident of Spain, meaning you can go and live legally in Spain.

You will also be entitled to travel within the Schengen area without the need for further visas for countries within the region.

The Golden Visa scheme, however, does not entitle you to everything that a normal resident is entitled to. The following are some of the most common questions we are asked about the Golden Visa scheme and what it means for your rights.

Does the Golden Visa scheme give you the right to work in Spain?

The Golden Visa Scheme doesn’t entitle you or your family to work in Spain. You therefore have to prove that you have sufficient means by which to support yourself and your family.

The definition of sufficient means to support yourself and your family is as follows:

For the main person they should have, during their stay in Spain, an amount which represents a monthly figure in Euros (or the equivalent in foreign currency) of 400% of the Indicador Publico de Renta de Efectos Multiplos (IPREM) which is a salary index.

For each member of the family the amount required is less than the main applicant and is an amount which represents a monthly figure in Euros (or the equivalent in foreign currency) of 100% of the Indicador Publico de Renta de Efectos Multiplos.

Does the Golden Visa scheme allow you to bring your family to Spain with you?

One of the most common questions that we get asked is whether your family can come with you to Spain should you obtain a Golden Visa.

The regulations allow you to bring your family, but the application process has to show that this is what you are intending to do – i.e. you can’t just obtain a Visa and then bring them over.

Only immediate family are entitled to become resident in Spain with you under the Golden Visa Scheme. This means your spouse and children, not your siblings or mother-in-law! Children have to be dependent on you and under 18 or else they have to apply on their own right.

Each person who comes with you has to comply with the requirements that they have no criminal record and are not an “undesirable”, although they don’t have to qualify completely in their own right. You do, however, have to prove that they are all covered by private healthcare and that you have sufficient funds to support them.

On the non Golden Visa applications the situation is similar to that of the Golden Visa in that your family can go to Spain with you, but must also qualify for a Visa in accordance with the rules – i.e. it is not automatic.

Therefore, you could have a situation where you can obtain a Visa but your child with a criminal record is not able to obtain a visa.

Can you use the Spanish healthcare system under the Golden Visa scheme?

The Golden Visa Scheme does not entitle you to use the healthcare system in Spain.

In terms of healthcare, one of the requirements for the Golden Visa is that you prove that you have adequate Private Healthcare cover. Obviously, this should cover both you and any family members that have joined you in Spain.

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